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CD review: Midnight Syndicate

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The 13th Hour
Midnight Syndicate

This is 25 tracks of creepy atmospheric movement that really sets a mood. Rather that relying to heavily on sound affects as some of these CDs tend to. This is purely a soundtrack. It is a wonderful collection for when one is playing pen & paper RPGS, MMORPGs or even reading your favourite tale of suspense & horror. (No shock there as they have worked with Wizards of the Coast on a D&D soundtrack.) There is enough in these tracks not to blend into muzak background noise but not intrusive enough to distract from what you are already doing. Herein lies a similar quality of music to Nox Arcana. It is obvious this music is written with a specific purpose in mind rather than merely inspired by some work or other. While it loselly tells a story of Haverghast Mansion; the music works with both horror and suspense moods; a theme carried on from Gates of Delirium. A very worthwhile collection that is truly a “sound-track” to whatever you feel needs this sort of music. Really rather impressive.

Rating: 4.5/5

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