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CD Review: Madonna – Confessions On a Dance Floor

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Confessions On a Dance Floor opens up a new period for Madonna’s music, one where she’s going back to before she started making music, blending in a disco-like sound with bits and pieces from her Ray of Light period. With multiple producers lined up at her side and this being her sixth no. 1 album, it took over the dance and pop charts by storm soon after its release, ruling in a way only she can get us used to.

The album opens with “Hung Up”, an ABBA-tribute song leading into one song after another of solid performances, with “Let It Will Be” and “Jump” serving as two solid album anchors. Though the last two tracks loose a bit of power, the album as a whole is a very impressive production that reconfirms Madonna as the undisputed Queen of Pop and shows her at the top of her musical condition. Without a doubt, one of the best albums of 2005.

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  • Chantal Stone

    I totally agree, I love this cd, one of the few cd’s I’ve listened to this year that I don’t have to skip any songs. CONFESSIONS gets my vote for album of the year.

  • reggie

    I haven’t listened to the album yet, but knowing Madonna, she never disappoints.

    Hung up speaks for itself. Hasn’t she broken Elvis’ record of 36 top tens yet?