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CD review: Mad? No, not really…just rubbish

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Mad Capsule Markets


Its hard to describe how awful this live collection is to behold. I have been trying to say something positive about this CD/DVD collection and I find it hard to muster. It does not improve in the slightest with repeated listens. There are no highlights, not one. The music is rap-metal done by Korn wanna-bes. As if Korn was not band enough. This is collection of umitigated rubbish played during an impresive light and media show. Yes its that bad. Man who did I piss off to get stuck with this release? Might I suggest something new to play for psy-op interogations?

Rating: 1/5

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  • Nice work, not.

    I would just like to add the The Mad Capsule Markets have been around longer then Korn, so I find it very hard to see how they could be ‘Korn wannabes’. Maybe you should do some research to back up your points, however usless they may be. You’ve even got the wrong album cover art picture. Tut tut.

  • terry allan

    the mad capsulr markets i think are one of the best bands around because the can cover a wide area of diffrnt music and its all original unlike realy populer bands that cover music and tweake it over and over aghen