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CD review: Loud n Nasty…yes well quite

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Too Much Ain’t Enough
Loud N’ Nasty


I wanted to resist the temptation to use this band’s and album’s names to describe the music but I can’t. Loud n Nasty in name and loud n nasty on record. This is definetely a case of too much being more than enough. The singer of this mob can’t sing and the songs are all rejects from the worst of Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat and Tiger Tailz combined. It was this sort of excrement that killed the hair bands in the first place. Its third rate crap that should never have been committed to CD. The mixing and mastering ain’t up to much either, sounding as though the CD was recorded in a toilet. Yes it is truly that bad! They have a track called ‘Hellbound’ on here…after listening to this you might think that is too good for them. What the hell were Perris thinking by releasing this?

Rating: 1/5

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  • pjloud

    hey this band is #1 they kick mother fucking ass they even got snowy shaw the drum god to join their band so that tells u that they rock and everyone else that i know loves them as well as me if i had to rate them 1-10 we say 20 THEY ARE NOT CRAP and theyre really kool in life also and theyre so sexy and they know it 🙂 so yeah there ya go stay LOUD AS FUCK NASTY AS HELL hehehe

  • l’n’n lover

    hey rob nasty’s voice is wonderful and chris loud’s guitaring is amazing they r one of the best bands ever specially of this decade they also go along with crashdiet and many other sleaze bands from sweden and i’m pretty damn sure that perris records is quite proud of their selfs but i’m guessing yer like rap or something crappy like that and hate sleazy rock and their new single is totally excellent