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CD Review: Kon & Amir & DJ Muro – The Kings of Diggin’

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To borrow a phrase coined by the always eloquent Stevergo: Holy Fucking Jesus Fuck!


Once in a very long while my faith in the dubious DJ mix CD format is restored. Brainfreeze by DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist. Uneasy Listening by Z-Trip & DJ P. Your Face Or Your Kneecaps by RJD2. Funky Sole by DJ Miles.

DJ Muro's amazing contribution to The Kings of Diggin' double-CD set also belongs on this list.

For those, like myself, in the over-35 demographic who might assume that "dig" means "like," allow me to quote from DJ Goods…"To me, crate diggin' means spending a lot of your free time hitting up your parents' old record collection or stopping by that shady used record store somewhere in Greenwich Village in NYC or in some little ghost town in Massachusetts or Connecticut or somethin'. Once you get to the spot where you will begin your crate diggin', the main objective is to find that record with that tight bass line, that funkdafied guitar loop or that 70s porno type drum pattern that relies heavily on the high hats. After you find what you're lookin' for, the next step is to put the needle to these records and try to find that perfect break."

And with Tokyo's DJ Muro at the helm, the brain-melting breaks just… keep… coming. Funk. Disco. Soul. Latin. Fusion. Even a bizarre yet rockin' vocal rendition of "Also Sprach Zarathustra." Thirty eight (38!) rapid-fire, expertly mixed, ridiculously obscure tracks of blazing, ass-shaking greatness. All hail DJ Muro — you are indeed the King of Diggin'!

As for the other CD in this collection compiled by Kon & Amir, it's nice… but not an epic masterpiece. There's a mellower, soul-jazz vibe throughout their seventeen minimally mixed and tastefully sequenced rare groove selections.

But you must — MUST — get The Kings of Diggin' for the jaw-droppingly awesome DJ Muro mix.

Holy Fucking Jesus Fuck!

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