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CD Review: Kenotic – Stranded Under Endless Sky

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I first heard Hammock as they put out their Kenotic album. I was hypnotized from the first note. Stranded Under Endless Sky is no different, except in one respect: it’s even better. Without any lyrics, this time around, the bulk of the album is centered around the atmospheres the instruments create, transporting you if you accidentally close your eyes and forget you are listening to music.

It is hard to balance so well so much power in a guitar with such subtle soundscapes. The four tracks in Hammock’s Stranded Under Endless Sky, with their blend of ambient and shoegazing, make you let go and leave you wanting more. Like an exquisite musical chocolate, their music almost melts in your mouth. I find myself with either their Kenotic album or this EP by my bedside, as I start to get in the mood to drift into sleep. You probably should too…

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