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CD Review: Journey’s Generations

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What’s the 4-1-1?
You don’t know who Journey is?! We’ll they’re back with their third effort with lead singer Steve Augeri. This time around each member of the group contributes to writing and singing.

Hard rock / arena rock / melodic / AOR

The Good
“Faith in the Heartland” will renew your faith in Journey’s ability to write a kick-ass rock anthem. It has all the sound and feel of a classic cut, and if you close your eyes, you might believe that vocalist Steve Augeri is actually Steve Perry.

To follow up a solid anthem, the group wallops you with the solid power ballad “The Place in Your Heart.” Guitarist Neal Schon does what he does best with his melodic solo section. “A Better Life” is a mid-tempo track about love conquering all, sung by drummer Deen Castronovo. The lyrics can be quite familiar to those who grew up expecting one thing out of life and coming up with something totally different.

Keyboardist Jonathan Cain takes over vocal duties for “Every Generation.” It’s a piano-heavy track (surprise) with a great chorus hook full of multi-harmonies. “Knowing That You Love Me” is an uplifting ode to the special people in your life. Even though it’s a ballad, Schon finds a way to tear it up here and there. “Out of Harms Way” has one of those long instrumental introductions that you just want to revel in. Bassist Ross Valory lends his vocals to the bluesy up-tempo track “Gone Crazy.” Ross’ gravely voice is perfect for the blues.

The Bad
What does it say about your lead singer when he doesn’t sing all of the songs?

The Verdict
Generations is twice as good as their last full-length outing Arrival, however I don’t think it’s quite up to snuff with their past. There’s no denying there are some great tunes here, but there are some that just don’t cut it. The rotating vocalists and ever-changing musical styles make it difficult for the listener to say ‘Oh, this is Journey’. Augeri does a great job of injecting his songs with everything you love about Journey (vocally), but when the other members of the band take over vocals, you really don’t know whom you’re listening to.

Did You Know?
Bassist Ross Valory has his own clothing line in the works.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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