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CD Review: J-San and the Analogue Sons

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Fortune smiled on me the day I discovered reggae band J-San and the Analogue Sons. I am by no means an aficionado when it comes to the smooth beats and socially conscious riffs from the sunny parts of the world. And as a music lover, I know my knowledge of reggae is lacking. But, as a music lover, I can tell you that when a band gets it right, you can learn everything you need to know about a style of music in as little as three minutes.

J-San and the Analogue Sons get it right. And from the first time I heard them, I was hooked. J-San, to me, is the next level of reggae. They are a natural infusion of blues, hip-hop, soul, and a touch of southern spice, that comes across as a perfectly blended tribute to every reggae artist who came before. They have placed themselves in the forefront of the new movement without ever losing touch with the spirited roots that made reggae a legendary world wide musical movement.

There’s no denying the thick beats, smooth guitar, playful horns, and vocals that melt your heart and put a fire in your soul. I’m tempted to call it dirty Reggae: a musical mix that makes you want to move, grind, and pump your fist all at the same time.

J-San and the Analogue Sons hail from Ithaca, NY, where they have been jamming on the east coast for over a decade. J- San, the vocalist, has been described as a throatier version of Bob Marley with a touch of Marvin Gaye. To that end, I completely agree. He is backed by talented brass section led by saxophonist Lee Hamilton, and trumpeter Keaton Damir Akins. On the keyboards is Micheal Stark, whose weapon of choice is the Hammond B-3. And bringing the phat beats is drummer Matthew Saccuccimorano.

As summer approaches, I can think of no other band that will help me define my sun, sand, and sangria’s better than J-San and the Analogue Sons.

For more information, or to buy their CD, please go to the artist’s website.

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