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CD review: It’s a Heartbreak alright!

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Heartbreak Radio
(AOR Heaven)

Having read the press release that was included with this particular CD, I was rather surprised at the sound of it. Not only does it have a member of Motorhead on drums and of Hammerfall on bass in the band, but they list Whitesnake and Journey as their inspiration.

As someone who rather likes all of these bands I was rather intrigued.

That interest was misguided, as this is merely a collection of tres’-cliched MOR that has more in common with Chicago and Toto, but nowhere near as good as either, than it does with any type of blues rock. To make matters worse, the CD is set up like a mock radio broadcast, something that has been done by several other bands far better. As you would expect from a bunch of Germans, the musicianship is fine, if a bit precise and predictable, but there is just nothing to the songs.

Oh yes, and they claim their lead singer sounds like Steve Perry from Journey…um no, not even close. The lyrics are cringeworthy and laughable. This lot could be good but just need to get a decent lyricist along for the ride. One, I am afraid, to be avoided.

Rating: 2/5

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