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CD Review: Iced rubbish is still rubbish

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Ice Man
(Angel Air)

There is always a danger of music being horrendously dated when listened to many years after its initial release and fame. Ice produce just that sort of music. Add to that this band is described as cult and things start to look a tad grim. As with much of the music of the late ’60s, this lot require the listener to be on something in order to “get it.” Sober it sounds like just so much 60’s bollocks re-released for another generation. The original album is only 6 songs long and Angel Air have generously supplied an extra 13 tracks “bonus” to add to the torture, including at least one track where the lead singer is off-key throughout (probably trying to be ironic or something), sounding something similar to what you would hear on American Idol. In addition we get to hear the band make a hash of ‘Day Tripper’. Basically if you like 60s drugged out music then this might be for you. Anyone else will think of this as so much absolute rubbish. John Peel (RIP) may have played this lot, but even he made a few mistakes. And here I thought 7th rate grunge was bad, egads.

Rating 1/5

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  • Tim, I have often wondered that too. There are companies doing that for 80s music as well. And we get to look forward to re-releases from Z-list grungers as well…

  • Sometimes I wonder just how bad a late sixties or early seventies album has to be before it doesn’t get rereleased in CD.