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CD review: Hippy rerelease

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Contribution-Second Contribution
Shawn Philips

Singer-songwriter stylings in the manner of Jim Croce are what you get on this two-fer-one collection of tracks. Its 60s peace, love and bliss naivete at its worst or best depending on your attitude. Considering you get 28 tracks; this is not a CD for anyone other than those who are fans of the bloke or the genre. Rather quickly the music gets rather samey and dissappears into the background. There is not doubting Mr Philip’s talent as a guitarist and a singer; the trouble is that the music has not aged that well in any way shape or form. A wonderful nostalgia trip for those who were there but there is little on offer for anyone who wasn’t. It is nicely packaged and brilliantly re-mastered (not always a constant on some of these re-releases) with fairly extensive liner-notes to explain who the hell this guy is…it begins with the words best kept secret. 60s hippy music…Eric Cartman types need not apply.

Rating: 2.5/5

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  • Never mind that Second Contribtuion is a multi-million selling album and considered to be a cult classic by American critics. Comparing these two CDs to Jim Croce is utter nonsense. The albums were scored by Grammy winner Paul Buckmaster, the maestro behing Elton John, Stones, Davie Bowie to name a few.Listen to the tracks