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CD Review: Himsa – Hail Horror

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What’s the 4-1-1?
Seattle hardcore band returns with their fourth studio album.

Metalcore / hardcore / death metal / hard rock / metal

The Good
“Anathema” is as haunting as it is devastating. The drums pound ferociously as vocalist John Pettibone delivers like a madman possessed. “Sleezeevil” kicks the tempo into overdrive as Himsa slams you with an all-out metal assault. Strap yourselves in for a fiery dual guitar attack courtesy of Kirby Johnson and Sammi Curry on “Pestilence.” Pettibone unleashes his most intense performance yet with his vocals. “Wither” will suck you in with it’s clean ballad-link opening instrumental, but will eventually drive a stake in your heart when the distortion kicks in. You can hear a lot of old-school thrash influence in the guitar work. Once again the guitar execution steals the show on “Seminal,” while “Calling in Silent” represents the epitome of what metalcore is all about.

The Bad
Nothing notable

The Verdict
Death metal (metalcore, hardcore…whatever you want to call it) and I have a love/hate relationship. Most of the time I can’t stand it, but every once in a while a band comes along and draws me in. Himsa just happens to be one of those bands. Sure, they have all of the same elements of the genre; heavy riffs, pounding drums, and snarling vocals, but I think that their sound is reminiscent of the thrash metal of the eighties, mixed with the harder and louder tones of today’s metal. The vocals are traditional hardcore, but strangely enough sound in tune. Kneel down to the future dark Lord’s of death metal. Don’t just Hail Horror, hail Himsa.

Did You Know?
The band’s name is a play on the Sanskrit word “ahimsa,” which refers to peace and nonviolence.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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  • Guppusmaximus

    What’s the 4-1-1??
    George Dionne knighting Himsa as,”the future dark Lord’s of death metal.”

    The Bad
    George hasn’t got a clue because I have never seen a review on BC or from Mr. Dionne about Pig
    Destroyer,Cryptopsy,Between the Buried & Me, or for that matter any other Death metal band that could crush these wussies…How can you claim them to be,”,”the future dark Lord’s of death metal.” when in the opening he has them booked as a,”Seattle hardcore band”??

    The Verdict
    Just another “Cookie Cutter” review from a guy who knows little to nothing at all about metal and receives these shit CDs for free because he runs a website for posers!!

    Dude it’s bad enough that you listed this band under almost every metal genre, why not Country,Pop or Blues??

  • Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    But seriously, it’s time to grow up!

    Attack the album, not me dude. I don’t mind criticism, but character assasination is uncalled for.

    As far as the music, I call ’em as I hear ’em.

  • That’s the Guppy I know.

    George, don’t take him too seriously, he gets a little worked up sometimes. I am sure he meant nothing personal.

    Never been a hardcore fan myself, although if you are going to call them hardcore, don’t later call them death metal. Stick to one label,perhaps mention the crossover, but they should primarily be in one.

    I haven’t reviewed any of those other bands either.

  • No Chris, he meant it personally. He didn’t care for my assement of Annihilator’s latest or my views on how average Elvis was as a singer in a pervious posting.

    The problem with guys like him is that whatever style of music they listen to is best, period. If it’s trendy I must avoid it. They’re couldn’t possibly be anything good about it.

    They also expect you to know everything about the band that you speak of, and have listened to every CD ever made in that genre, just to have an opinion.

    I don’t claim to know everything about death metal, hardcore, metalcore…not really my thing. Thus my love/hate relationship with it. A lot of those genres sound similar. I know that this album was good. Wouldn’t be my first choice in the store, but I would have missed out.

    I have no problems with anyone not sharing my opinon. In fact I enjoy batting things back and forth, BUT I would never resort to name calling. That’s just childish.

    So far this guys called me a Jackass, stomped on my credibilty, trashed my site, and told me to piss off. And he’ll continue to do it because he can’t handle someone not sharing his opinion.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Thanks, Chris!! You Da Man…LOL

    I’m not attacking you, George, because for all I know you are probably a great guy.(I apologize for my last statement on your Annihilator Review…)It’s your credibility and ear that I am attacking…What killed it,you ask?? Claiming Elvis doesn’t have any vocal range and then claiming Himsa as “Darklord” of Death Metal. Himsa is what I would call A Bar Band… The CREED of Hardcore.
    Wait..I wouldn’t go that far nothing is as bad as CREED(Maybe Puddle of Mud?)… Death Metal is about F*cking Crushing Technical riffs,leads,vocals and a guy with sticks who can drum up g-force. There are alot of people who don’t have a “Love/Hate” relationship with Death Metal and I’m one of them. So, if you really can’t stand that style of music why would you proclaim a band to be the best of that genre?? A review like that doesn’t have any integrity!!

    Right now, I would probably rate:
    Between The Buried & Me,”Alaska”
    as one of the BEST releases in the Death Metal catagory… BUT, Pig Destroyer,”Painter of Dead Girls” is just F*cking Brutal so it’s a hard call…

  • Guppusmaximus

    OH..ok, Just the mere fact that you don’t understand what makes certain Metal, Death Metal just proves it’s not my opinion and you shouldn’t do a review about Death Metal because you are feeding mis-information to people who also may not understand the scene!! To me, there have been alot of bands that claim to fuse genres together that never truly did and now the mainstream gets everything confused…Hardcore/Metal/HeavyMetal/Power Metal/Nu-Metal/Hard Rock…etc… are all different for a reason!! If you can’t expalin it then stop reviewing crap..Man!! Any publicity is good publicity and I’m tired of all this garbage getting rave reviews because some uneducated music lover is happy eith their amateur release!!

  • Okay Guppy, I accept your apology, but I’m standing by my views of Elvis: Excellent entertainer, average vocalist.

    You must agree that a lot or bands today cannot be classified by just one genre? Himsa covers a lot of hard rock territory, that why I specify at the beginning all of the genres they could pass for. I did say they are the FUTURE Dark Lords of death metal, but not that they are currently. It was a lot easier than saying the were the future dark lords of harcore/metalcore/heavy metal/death metal.

    I don’t think you have to be a fan to give an opinion. There are plenty of people like me that are occasional fans that would not be mislead. Die-hards, sure, they’re bound to tear me apart. Himsa has a lot of potential in my opinon, and there’s nothing trendy about them. Have you heard this album?

    As far as questioning my creditbility…I’ve reviewed over 500 CDs as a journalist. I think I have a good idea of what’s good and what’s not. You know what, a lot of people like to eat onions. Not me. I don’t need to be an onion expert to know that I don’t like them. I’m sure there are plenty of people that share my opinion too.

    Also, Rock Is Life recieves over 30,000 returning unique visitors each month (after a year online). So they must think I know what I’m talking about, wouldn’t you think? Why would they come back? If I was way off, people would have stopped returning months ago. My site is about all kinds of rock, for fans of all rock genres.

    I may have lost credibility in your mind with your specific tastes in music, but when you have an audience of 30,000 people and get paid for your opinion, you can question my overall credibility.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Whatever man…you’re funny. You constantly contradict yourself because you believe that just skimming the surface of any genre is enough to make a valid statement. I notice it’s easy for people like you because you tread lightly and stick with the popular crap. Your reviews are almost like Madlibs and the music you like doesn’t take much of a critical ear to figure out that it is simple…

    “when you have an audience of 30,000 people and get paid for your opinion, you can question my overall credibility.”

    Dude, I can pick up your opinion in a Rolling Stone Magazine, MTV,VH1,The Radio…It’s nothing worth paying for and it’s the same ‘ol sh!t I’ve heard before. You know what… Good for you, Man. I’m glad you’re getting paid… Just don’t expect me to buy it. Funny enough… I don’t have to question your overall credibility, your reviews do that for me!!

  • You win! I suck!

    Long live the corporate machine!

  • Just when I thought you two might start getting along…..

    Oh well. I tried.

    If your interested I have a review of the new Venom album coming tomorrow if you two would like to have a go at me.