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CD Review: (hed) P.E. — Only in Amerika

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I have no idea what to think of these guys, granted the sound is relatively original, combining punk and hip-hop, but at the same time, they don’t stand out despite that. My exposure to HED p.e. has been very limited, basically just there inclusion on a couple of soundtracks that I have. So, this is essentially my first introduction to this act out of Orange County, California.

My initial reaction was not all that positive. I was on a road trip and I popped this in and listened through it a couple of times, and what I discovered was a half baked mash of hip hop beats, punk stylings, and lyrics that are sometimes shouted and sometimes rapped.

I was not terribly impressed, the music was rough and felt incomplete, the lyrics are full of vulgarities and such that it seems that they are only there for shock value. Basically, the songs came across as being rather shallow and hateful. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but doesn’t help portray a serious act.

The more I listened, the more I found the music to be rather catchy. I soon found myself getting into the groove set down for me, but I still could not connect with them lyrically. The closest thing I can think of to compare them to would be an underdeveloped Dope. Whereas Dope has developed into a very good band, these guys seem to be stuck at one level, one which does not allow for much variation.

I can’t whole heartedly recommend this album, but it will probably whet the appetite of the more hardcore fans of nu-metal. A few standout tracks would be “Represent,” “War,” and “RaiseHell.”

Bottomline. These staunch proponents of raunch and roll have delivered a fairly entertaining album, if you can get by the shallow lyrics and not entirely original nature of the music. It is moderately entertaining.

Not Recommended, or for fans only.

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  • Dan

    This album is fairly bad. The first 3 bring alot more style to the table, with the same shock effect in offensive lyrics.

    I wouldnt reccomend this one to anyone, but would suggest Broke or Blackout any time.

  • (hed) fan

    yeah im with jaymz and that, u cannot critisize them over one album, get blackout or broken and write a reveiw on them buddy

  • Guess it’s just easier to rip a persons review to shreds than to point out why your review needs reviewing. Of course it would be better to know the history of this album,… er the reason why they done it. If you listen to their last album “Blackout” you notice how their style seem to be very f($&ed with, with respect to their others. I recommend their first one. You won’t be disapointed!

    Simply put he just wanted to sing just as nasty as their record labels treated (hed). They are the frontrunner of their style.

  • Chris,

    I haven’t listened to the album but heard basically the same thing you said about it from other people. I have no personal judgement on the album myself.

    I would like to aplaud you for having the guts to write a negative review of an album. It’s entertaining to watch how all the fanboys come out in defense of a band that puts out a less than best effort album because they’ve done good things in the past. Not every album the Beatles ever made was good. Even the best bands don’t make hits every time out.

    Stick to your guns and people will trust your reviews more than not. Well done Chris.

  • Grant

    Just a small point – you might want to avoid commenting on how little variation their style allows without having actually listened to any of their other music. You could not possibly know, without having listened to it. Try listening to the first three albums, and then tell us if you think there is any room for variation.

  • Paul

    Well… They are saying Fuck Corporate rock…. and thats why there the shit… lyrics are for whats on ur mind… fuck what people think…

  • Attacks on me are not necessary thank you. No I am not from some hick town and love all styles of music. This album just did nothing for me. THe music was OK at times, but the lyrics and singing was just there, repeating “F— blah blah” repeatedly is not deep or meaningful. It smacks of laziness and an inability to really delve into any issues. I am not familiar with their other albums, maybe they are better. As far as artists who tell it from the streets I would prefer someone like DMX, who I feel has a lot more to say, or Dope, who grew out of the Manson clone and become something special to the hardcore world. As another band stated in an album cover years ago “Don’t Mistake Lack of Talent for Genius.”

  • Jaymz

    This review is terrible, it says hateful, you must be in some small hick town with no crime. this is cd is about thoughts, ideas, hates in the big city. real. these guys are original. NOT fakes likes limp bisquit, these guys are good musicians and the singer has a great voice. I just got into them last month and have now bought ALL there cd’s I love rap and heavy stuff and feel these guys blend the 2 amazingly. so smooth, the changes from rap to metal style is unoticable, almost like it is the same music. no other band comes off this way. this reviewer probably likes pop metal., which is fine if you @#$ but hey, for people who like rap or heavy stuff (more underground style, stuff that you feel not just listen to) this is for you. any fans of anthrax,public enemy,NWA,staind or any HATEFUL music fans. us negative, lonely, hateful,shallow,raunchy, (just kidding.. review guy, go to the show and see you in the pit buddy ha ha) . serious though this to me is a powerful,serious (from the streets) type cd. I can relate to it and have turned on MANY people who now are fans. went to the OC show and brung friends. GO GET THIS OR BROKE, you have heard them on the radio also. LONG LIVE HED P.E. PLEASE !!!! will buy a cd every month of these guys. go to there site http://www.hedrocks.com 🙂 peace out

  • Joseph Wonderful

    I haven’t heard this album, but I’d recommend their first release, which is self-titled.