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CD Review: Gram Rabbit – Cultivation

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The Royal Order of Rabbits is a “happy” cult started by Gram Rabbit. The cultists are followers of the band, and you’ll probably recognize them as the people with the sedate grins and bunny ears, if you should ever happen into a Gram Rabbit show. And really, after hearing Cultivation, a listener should be able to understand why the cult of The Royal Order of Rabbits was started. Much like a cult, Gram Rabbit’s second release will only appeal to a select few.

The major flaw of Cultivation is its uninspired lyrics. There’s no way of getting around them, because lead singer Jesika Von Rabbit loves to deliver them in an annoying sing-song, every-week poetry slam loser manner that just can’t be ignored. Songs such as “Bloody Bonnies (Superficiality),” “Charlie’s Kids,” and “Slopoke” are painful listens with lyrics such as (from “Charlie’s Kids”): “I hope they’re well / I hope they’re free / They were spawned from LSD and hedonistic insanity.”

There are moments when Gram Rabbit sound good: the bass in opening track “Waiting for the Kountry” is a great mood-setter. And if ever a bass line saved a song, it’s certainly that one. Yet almost every song on this album is overwhelmed by a bevy of computer noises and samples which become more and more annoying as the album progresses. Frankly, Cultivation is like a poem made by a really pretentious high school kid who believes they are vastly artistic. Nothing really makes much sense, everything is rambling, repetitive, and long, and you can tell they feel deep and poetic with lyrics such as, “No need to save me / I feel so lazy / Do you? / Electric sky, electric blue / I want to cut a string or two / in lieu of you.”

In summary, this album could only be recommended for those who are impressed by computer noises, bad lyrics, and rabbit ears. But really, if you want a better rabbit-themed album, why not just have one of your best friends read a Bunnicula book to you and beat box behind it?

Reviewed by Megan Giddings

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  • Frank Butcher UK

    Impressed by computer noises, bad lyrics, and rabbit ears……how out of touch are you.. this band are f’n genius…stick to your coldplay cds.