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CD Review: Goldfrapp’s Supernature

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Alison Goldfrapp has strapped the latex back on to continue turning out sleek and sexy futuristic electro-pop. Supernature, Goldfrapp’s third album (released March 7th), is composed of 11 tracks, each a singular success adding up to an enticing, though occasionally redundant, whole.

Starting off with the seductive “Ooh la la,” Goldfrapp’s signature robotic sound is in full vibrato effect. Harkening back to the ’80s electronic duo’s sound, Supernature cruises with much more pop sensibility than their previous efforts. Taking more from 2003’s Black Cherry than 2000’s Felt Mountain, Goldfrapp have cruised forward, managing to improve on both of those albums in one swoop.

While Felt Mountain was a work for the countryside and Black Cherry was filled with singles for the club, their latest endeavor seems to bridge the gap between the two. “We’ve made an electronic, glam cross between Berlin, New York and north-east Somerset,” Alison says of Supernature. Their efforts have paid off. “Time Out From The World” and “Let It Take U” are more cinematic than any track from Felt Mountain while “Number 1” is more contagious than anything from Black Cherry.

Supernature does suffer from a minor slump near the middle. Tracks like “Ride A White Horse” and “You Never Know,” while solid in their own right, spend too much time mimicking stronger peers. This distracts little from the superb atmosphere created by Alison Goldfrapp and company.

Overall, Supernature is a strong stilettoed step in the right direction for Goldfrapp. The only thing more remarkable than the work they’ve created, musically and otherwise, is what possibilities lie ahead for the duo. If you like Felt Mountain or Black Cherry, chances are you’ll love Supernature.

“Ooh La La” Video Stream


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  • Cool review. I’ve been curious about Goldfrapp cuz I always catch little snippets of their (her?) music, so this review helps me know more about them. I appreciate your strong, efficient summary of the CD.

  • Thanks Don! I’ve been a fan of Goldfrapp since their first release. They’re actually a duo, though Alison assists in producing as well.

    Check out their website as it features a lot of media. That should give you a better idea of their sound.