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CD Review: Get Me on a Road – um, no

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Joya is yet another group trying to ape Chris Martin’s success and managing to make music even more boring than Coldplay’s. This is prime whinging stuff that should have any sensible person reaching for the off-button.

It is simply dire. Its a plodding slow-tempo whine-fest. You know the formula.

“A Place”, which happens to be the first single, is an intro to this 12-track affair. I can see why its the first single from the album as it is certainly a highlight of this collection.

If you are interested in this sort of music then go their site at Joya.

For my part; I hope record companies move on and realise the world is only big enough for one Coldplay.

Rating: 1.5/5

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  • jason

    I saw joya at a gig in bristol a few months back and I thought they were amazing – I’ve been waiting for this album to come out – they’re much more quirky than coldplay. this was an unfairly scathing review

  • gethin

    To compare Joya to Coldplay is just a case of lazy journalism. Last year i saw the band perform in London and was blown away by the strengh and origanality of there material.

  • caroline

    This band is amazing, i’ve seen them on a few gigs and I can’t wait to hear the album. This band is going to be a huge success and if anyone puts them down then they need their heads examined

  • jack

    this takes the piss man – Joya were wicked when I saw them,I caught em in briock lane last year. This guy marty dodge just don’t like anything other than rock – sort it out man! you should be bigger than that if you’re gonna review music. I cant stand music snobbery. This band are good. they got this 60’s thing goin on, sure they’re lo fi but it s good music man. coldplay my ass!

  • michelle

    lookie lookie – looks like we got some folk riled marty. gotta say though it’s poor that you’re not even advertising their album’s artwork and advertising Coldplay instead who quite frankly don’t need any more advertising globally than theyve already got eh! I’ll be keeping an eye on this post,just cos in my sad life it’s quite interestin watching folks get upset on line. I never heard of this band before but I’ve since checked em out to see what all this fuss is about. Their music aint no where near as bad as old marty here says it is. watch this space!

  • Tom

    You’re joking! Sure, they’re within the same genre, but it’s an original sound, and live, they’re amazing. Joya’s music is grower grower grower – the lyrics are powerful, and there’s alot more to the music than you get on first hearing. This is very lazy journalism. So does any band that writes their own songs and plays emotional music get branded with the same bulshit from you? This band will go somewhere… where will you go?

  • Oh no…the band’s fan-club are after me. If you meatheads paid any attention to this site you would realise that we have to have an amazon link in any post we make…since you blessed band aren’t listed on Amazon US you ain’t going to get a link. Attacking me for that just makes me sad.

    I call em’ as I see if you don’t like it…then don’t read my reviews. This sort of concentrated (organised) attacks on a reviewer by fans reflects badly on the band and you fans. The fact you barely have a grasp of the English language does not help either.

    Live Joya may not sound like Coldplay, but on CD they certainly do.

  • jason

    Marty – I think the attacks arent on your opinion but on the fact that your journalism was lazy and you posted up coldplay’s image instead of this bands – if you don’t have a link on amazon US put up a no image link or ask the press guys for an image (isn’t that how this thing works?) You’re entitled to your opinion marty but dont be lazy or cheeky about it. amazing how one tiny review can cause this much stir. At least you’ve raised their profile Marty – i guess all press is good press!

    And actually I don’t think this reflects badly on the fans at all – I think it completely shows your lack of journalism skill and discredits your ‘work’ – harsh but true – I call em as I see em too!

  • Ok, let me explain this to you in very simple language: BC requires me to put a link to something on Amazon that is vaguely related. The band is not listed on Amazon US so I cannot link to them. Before you criticise if would help if you were to actually read my response. The fact that you failed to read my above response and have no clue about what you are talking about reflects badly on you.

    Face it not everyone will like a band you like. If you don’t like my opinion I don’t care. Show some maturity and take the good with the bad.

  • If I had been a lazy rock journo I would not have reviewed this load of tripe at all.