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CD Review: Frank Black – Honeycomb

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I picked this up without knowing what to expect. I was only recently introduced to The Pixies, when a friend gave me the greatest hits collection. I gave that a few listens and, while not in my ‘safe’ area of metal, I was intrigued the screeches and wails and feedback, I liked it. Now this is something completely different.

I’ve been told that Frank Black had wanted to make a country album for some time, so he moved to Nashville and the result was Honeycomb. I remember when I first heard that, made my hopes sink a bit, I am not much for country. Well, I had it, might as well give it a shot. Boy was I surprised by what I heard.

This album is smooth. Sure, it definitely has that country flavor, but it transcends that and it becomes something else. From the opening of “Selkie Bride” on through to the end, it had me captivated. That’s not to say it is the best thing I have ever heard, but it definitely has a groove that you can sit back to.

The main complaint I have about the album is that none of the songs truly stand out. It is almost like one long song. But, on the otherside, that can be considered a positive as well, it helps you just slip into it for the long haul. The one song that does break the mold a bit is “Song of the Shrimp.” When he started singing about seeing shrimp in the water and what they were saying, I knew there was a trip to be had.

This is unlike anything that I was expecting from a member of The Pixies, and not in a bad way. I have to say that I really like this album. It has that wonderful smooth groove, interesting lyrics and just plain good music.


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  • Tizano

    Well, Honeycomb is only the next stepo in FB’s carrer, he was oriented to americana sound since the Pistolero album with the catholics, and Show me your tears, the latest, is a lot more countrish than any.