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CD review: Exes & Whys?

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Exes & Whys
Keaton Simons
(World Matrix)

A two CD set from someone you have never heard of? A wee bit presumptious you might think. Twenty-six tracks that range from boy-band fare through Ryan Adams to Stevie Ray Vaughn (in the form of ‘Brilliant Blue’ amoungst others). His voice and guitar playing are top-notch; his songwriting skills seem to be pretty good as well. Not to mention his being rather prolific. This is eclectic, to say the least. However, the material on here is so good that you can forgive tracks that are not to your normal liking. You even get a wonderful little ditty for Jewish listeners, ‘I’m Farputst for Hannukkah’, or anyone who enjoys a nice tune about Maccabees and Judah. It will be interesting to see where this young guy’s musical journey ends up. I suspect he will keep doing music that attracts the young girls until he hits a certain age and then he will go full-bore blues rocker. This is an impressive collection that shows just how much talent this young guy has; one does wish he would release one CD of his bluesier side and leave the poppier stuff. One thing for sure; this guy has a long career ahead of him. Get in on the ground floor so you can tell everyone you knew him before he was huge.

Rating: 4.5/5


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