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CD Review: Emmy Cerra’s Metamorphic Journey

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Artist: Emmy Cerra
Title: Metamorphic
Genre: Folk-Rock
Label: Tap Cut Records
Emmy Cerra Website
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There is no denying that Emmy Cerra can belt out a tune. It’s hard not to notice because Metamorphic of two things, her voice and a acoustic guitar, its 100% Emmy. This seems to be enough for a listener to absorb. It works because her powerfully persuasive voice and her lyrics suck you right in immediately and do not let go.

Cerra’s guitar playing is quite good…she has a good feeling for the acoustic and how it matches the tone and pitch of her voice. She does not do anything fancy, no flashy solo runs or picking, it’s simple strumming along to her voice. All of this seems to do the trick; it is clean, uncomplicated, and actually very refreshing.

All of the good performers like this seem to have one thing in common; they write lyrics that unravel a story, in an emotionally poetic fashion. The key is having all of those factors happening for you simultaneously in a powerful way, otherwise the music is boring, and you lose the listener after a few tracks. This does not happen to Cerra during this album. She gives you plenty of brain food with the overall package offered on this CD…lyrics, music, and her stunning beauty. How can you possibly lose with a combination like that?

Believe me she will not fail, and this CD is the only beginning. If the big label never happens and stardom does not beckon I am certain she will continue gain quite a following as her career moves on. Either way, Emmy Cerra is control of hew own destiny. This album is damned good start to a career with a lot of promise.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

July 28, 2005


01. You Had Me (4:10)
02. Unshallow (4:08)
03. Weak or Strong (5:46)
04. Nicotine Princess (7:10)
05. Eye to Eye (5:20)
06. Hava Good Life (4:50)
07. Chemical Cell (5:05)
08. Late Night Collecting (4:40)
09. Insight (6:03)
10. Back in the Day (4:42)
11. Lost in Me (4:40)

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