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CD Review: David Turbow – Gold Standard

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What’s the 4-1-1?
David Turbow, Ph.D., is a college professor, science researcher, triathlete, surfer, and musician. This is his third solo release.

Indie rock / rock / modern / alternative

The Good

The Bad
I took one look at the photo included with the press materials and said to myself, ‘this CD is going to suck!’ I was right! Now I’m no Brad Pitt, so I’m not really knocking David’s looks per se, more of his image. He looks more like he’s selling insurance in his promo photo, rather than cutting a rock record. Once “Rock Star Daze” started up with its fuzzy guitars and faded vocals, I began to wonder if this record was cut in a closet on a tape recorder. As the album continues into “Piso Mojado,” it sounds like the mix is all missed up.

This goes for all of the songs. Some of the instruments are louder that others and most of them drown out the vocals. Turbow’s vocals aren’t the best either when you can hear them. It’s good that he doesn’t challenge himself, but he sounds like Adam Sandler most of the time (without the humor). By about the sixth song, “Define Me,” I got sick of this poorly recorded album and checked it out the window. I hope this album is as cheap to purchase as it was to put together.

The Verdict
More like gold-plated standard.

Did You Know?
David Turbow is the chief songwriter for the indie rock band Supernovice.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

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