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CD Review: Charlie Peacock – Love Press Ex-curio

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The first and last time I heard Charlie Peacock , aside from an occasional radio play was Cornerstone 95. Ever since, I like so many others have been fascinated by his guitar playing. It was with great anticipation that I opened his new CD Love Press Ex-Curio. What I found was an album with beautiful horn sounds and the sweet melody of a piano (Peacock even does a piano solo), of course it wouldn’t be a Peacock album with out his guitar also. What a great and wonderful surprise. Peacock has outdone himself. The jazz sounds were absolutely fantastic.

I knew Peacock was an excellent piano player as well as guitarist, but adding the horn sounds in made my listening all that much more enjoyable.

Peacock’s strong love for early 60’s jazz combined with modern day pop production values makes one heck of an album. To make all this possible he is joined by jazz luminaries, such as trumpeter Ralph Alessi, saxophonists Kirk Whalum, Ravi Coltrane and Jeff Coffin (of the Flecktones), bassists Victor Wooten and James Genus, guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and drummers Joey Baron and Jim White. Each took part in some or all of the various improvisational sets that were pulled together for this recording.

The rich jazz sounds (Peacock’s first unabashedly and wholeheartedly jazz album) that come from the stereo speakers was awesome! In my humble opinion I can only hope to hear more of such music from such a great artist.

rating: 5 out of 5 stars

and that’s the way I see it! and now for your thoughts…

Kevin Surbaugh, of Topeka, KS is editor of KevinsView.com and is an ordained minister who spent 2 years with the ministry of Jesus People USA, which runs Cornerstone Festival in Western IL and operates Grrr Records at its headquarters in Chicago, IL.

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