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CD review: Care for some Karo music?

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Heavy Birthday
(MTM Classix)

This lot are from Berlin and released one album which has been re-released by MTM. Is it a bit dated? Yep, you bet…but does that make it horrid? Certainly not. Lutz Satzwedel has those helium-filled vocals so popular in 80s hard rock, Europe/Bon Jovi-esque keyboards are aplenty and I suspect that the drums are electronic in nature. Still the music is catchy as stink; every track meant to be instantly remembered by its listeners. Just check out ‘Call of the Wild’ and ‘Wanna be Loved’. It strikes me similar to another one record wonder, Crafft. Now a bit of rarity and never released on CD, this issue contains two bonus tracks; alas they are merely alternate versions of the ‘Wanna be Loved.’ How many versions of the bleeding song do we need? The music sounds excellent on the CD and this does not suffer from the straight from record to CD sound problems that one gets with low-budget re-releases on occasion (Ahem Angel Air?). Just because a band were “big in Germany” it does not mean they were rubbish. This is one case in point.

Rating: 4/5


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