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CD Review: Bring Yer Wellies by Gaelic Storm

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Bring Yer Wellies by Gaelic Storm is a compliation of songs both sung with the band and solo instrumentals. If your taste in music is eclectic, you're going to love this CD. Actually, the truth is that something is available for every taste.

"Scalliwag," the first song out of the gate, was perhaps my favorite. The fast pace of this selection took me to an Irish pub where the live band made for many a toe-tapping beat everyone was bound to enjoy. The strong, solid notes set the tone for the rest of the tracks.

"Don't Go For the One" is a cute story, which tells about a married man sent to the store for snails to serve family and guests back home. When he gets sidelined by a friend, the man says he will have a drink, but only one. This proves to be a mistake when he spends most of the evening at the bar. The clever excuse he gives to his wife will not easily be forgotten.

"Dia Luain De Mairt" does not have vocals, but the beat more than makes up for it. I got the impression I was out in the rain, walking along without a care in the world. In fact, I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

"The Devil Down Below" reminded me a bit of the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." The steady drumbeat and the twang of bouzouki made for a lively song.

"Bare in the Basin" also had nothing in the way of vocals. My favorite part was the opening notes. Throw in a few bagpipes, and the resulting piece is perfect for any street party.

"Kelly's Wellies" is probably the theme song for this CD. It shares the lesson of appearances not always being what they seem. A poor man goes to a pub with rainboots on rather than proper shoes. Even though he is teased by the locals, he gets the girls with his confidence.

""Kiss Me I'm Irish" is the song of pride in one's homeland, no matter where one lives. Irish citizens are all over the world nowadays, but they are not likely to forget where they came from. It does not take too long to for the crowd to join the band in singing this anthem.

For additional information about Gaelic Storm, go to their website.

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  • Mary

    Dé Luanin, Dé Máirt does have vocals, in Gaelic. Just wanted to clarify that.

  • Cindy

    De Luain De Mairt (sorry no fadas on this keypad) does indeed have words on this CD. The song is sung in Irish. It’s the story of a hunchback who stumbled on a group of fairies singing a song, Monday, Tuesday (which is what de luain de mairt means), but they couldn’t remember the next line. Finally, the hunchback (named Donal) starts to sing the song with them, supplying the next line “de ceadaoin”, or Wednesday. In gratitude, the fairies then cured Donal of his hunchback.

    The instrumentals on the CD are Bare in the Basin, a pipe set by Pete Purvis, The Salt Lick (another pipe set, consisting of traditional tunes), and then 2 fiddle sets, Slingshot and Tornado Alley, also consisting of traditional tunes.

    Cindy Wood

  • melanie

    Dia Luain, de Mairt does in fact have vocals, but I see that most people have corrected that fact already. I appreciate the knowledge of what that song is about, published by Cindy. I have searched, and searched and this is the only place I have seen anybody with any clue as to what it is about… THANKS