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CD review: Bill Colby’s Songs for the Journey

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Bill Colby & Friends

While not my cup of tea lyrically per se, as an unbeliever/heathen, this release does come off as decent folk-rock. Rather than preaching set to music or preachy music; there are actually songs on this CD. The songs are of a personal nature rather that an invocation to action: most explicitedly on ‘There was a Time’ and even more so on ‘Out of the Darkness’; which is an ode to his wife. This is more a journal of someone who has believed to have found his savoiur rather that of someone keen on evangelising. The listener is invited along for the ride rather than berated. Its similar in approachability to the music of Michael W Smith. Colby’s voice has much in common with that of Warren Zevon. What is a welcome pleasure is that the mixing & mastering of this CD is rather impressive for a self-released CD. Colby plays most of the instruments, writes all the lyrics and sings leads on all the tracks. The sheer professionalism and class of this release is most impressive indeed. It is obvious that it was truly a labour of love. If you like a bit of Christianity with your folk-rock then this just might be the CD for you.

Rating: 4/5

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About Marty Dodge

  • I am so glad that Bill’s music is appealing to many different musical tastes. The message is clearly one of a personal journey as Marty has already observed.
    I never get tired of the songs, they just don’t get old. I am continually uplifted and relaxed at the same time while enjoying this eclectic mix of musical styles.