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CD Review: Big Night (Original Soundtrack)

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I’ll admit it: the most I’ve been exposed to Italian music is while dining at the Olive Garden…and I wouldn’t even call that Italian music. Much like the Olive Garden itself, the music played within is a watered-down, sanitized version of Italy. It is meant to inspire boisterous conversation, cheers when the food arrives, pseudo-knowledge of Italian wines, and the rumbling of middle class bellies eager to spill more spaghetti sauce on the collars of expensive polo shirts. This is not to say that the food at the Olive Garden isn’t delicious (you would have to be anorexic or allergic not to acknowledge that those breadsticks are straight descendents of manna sent from heaven), but is it actually Italian? Hellllllllllll no. And for proof, just compare the corporate behemoth that is Olive Garden to the fictional Il Paridiso found in the film Big Night.

Il Paridiso is a restaurant which never succeeded: Primo, the head chef, refuses to cave into public opinion of Italian food. He cooks real, glorious creations straight from the heart – and nor does he play that muzak shit, either. The songs featured on the soundtrack for Big Night don’t make the listener want to eat, they make the listener want to cook. The rhythm of Claudio Villa’s “Stornelli Amorist” makes me want to don a giant white chef’s hat and toss pizza dough up in the air; Louis Prima’s “Oh Marie” includes those late 1950’s loving yells, and reminds this reviewer why scatting used to be so fashionable. Prima’s tune also captures the excitement of a meal being prepared by someone who knows how to cook: the steaks are sizzling, the wine is chilled, and all the chef has to do is take off their apron with a flourish. Finally, Keely Smith’s rendition of “Don’t Take Your Love from Me” is as buttery smooth as a scoop of vanilla ice cream, warmed up next to a thick piece of tiramisu.

This album is highly recommended for anyone with a love of old movie soundtracks. Everything builds and swirls around the listener and makes them feel that every action is important – be it a stroke of the keyboard, a nibble of a fruit snack, or a blown nose – because it was written into the script. It can make a willing listener feel as if there are thousands of people watching every action raptly, with popcorn spilled at their feet and eyes wide enough to drink in every flickering black and white image. So the next time you want your life to take on some urgency, as well as some good eats, give the Big Night soundtrack a try.
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  • MAR1P0SA

    I love Big Night movie! My favorite character is Cristiano(Marc Anthony).He’s so BEAUTIFUL! Sorry, I’m Fan #1 of Marc Anthony… Long Life Big Night!!! I love this movie so much…

  • M@rc

    Hi! I’m Mariposa’s boyfriend. I think That the creator of that movie have to making the TV show of this movie…
    I think is a cool idea!

  • R0b3rt

    My family and I buy this movie and is… FANTASTIC!!! The best comedy and romantic movie of my life! My sister and her boyfriend are fans of Marc Anthony and his characters. Oh, and, of Course, BIG NIGHT MOVIE!!!!

  • Kr!$ty + Robby

    We love watching movies and this movie is one of my favorites. My boyfriend giving me the movie to birthday present and I watching the movie with my best friend Zafiro(Mar!p0sa) and we love the movie. Cristiano is so HOT!!!

  • @l3x @@R0n

    The reason for I watching this movie is by the character of Cristiano. My God, he’s so sexy, and gentlemen and… Sorry, I have a sensibility with the mans like Cristiano…

  • J4l!3

    I love the cooking movies. Big Night is one of my favorites. My friends have a Fan Club of this movie, but no in internet…
    Whatever, the case is than I love this movie. I love the Characters, the music, the food, the place…etc. EVERYTHING!!!

  • J@$p3r

    Hi,Im J@$p3r and I watch the movie with my girlfriend Alex and we die from laught!!!
    My god, I think Marc Anthony maked a good job.Eh,mambo,mambo italiano!!! Cristiano is my favorite Character.My girlfriend is adict to this movie and, of course, Cristiano…

  • Jh0nny J0hn$on$

    Hey!!! I’m not so fan to see movies, but this movie is so cool,man. You think I lose my time with a stupid movie? No!!!! I watch this movie cause is a GOOD movie. The music, the characters, the food, the place…you know what I’m talking about. Is a GOOD movie. Is the PERFECT FAMILY MOVIE of my life!!!!

  • b33

    Hi, I´m Bee. This movie is so cool!!! I love the soundtrack. My favorite song is “Mambo Italiano”. Is a good movie. I tink the creator of the movie have to make the TV Show, of course, with Marc Anthony.

  • 3$m3

    I watch this movie with my kids and we laugh, we sing along, we COOKING with the movie demostracions…is cool, really cool.Fantasy, my daughter, she loves this movie and she said “Cristiano is so cute!”. Is so beautiful. Long Life Big Night Movie!!!

  • C@r/i$/3

    Hello, Blogs Critics!!! I’m sure than you have a complete web page of big night movie!!! My wife, my sons and friends of my sons are writing now here about Big Night. I’m Fan, too.