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CD review: An 00s Devo?

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Sweden we got a Problem
Quit Your Day Job
(Bad Taste)

Most of the tracks on this seventeen track affair don’t even make the two minute mark. The sound reminds one of Devo, mixed at times with a bit punkabilly. With songs about e-Bay in ‘E-bay Ghetto’ and sperm ‘Sperms are Germs’ you know this lot are kind of odd. These songs are short blasts of electronica-based humour. Dr Demento would eat this stuff up. What about ‘Cities Suck’ and ‘I need a tourguide for my head’. Its punky bizarre and rather good fun. And with the songs so short who care if you don’t like one or another? Clearly a CD for those odd moods we get into in the 00s.

Rating: 4/5

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  • I think Dr. D fans will eat this stuff up. Several tracks reminded me of Dr. D faves like ‘Punk Polka’.

  • Short and sweet, both the CD and the review!

    Sounds interesting, that’s for sure.