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CD review: Allele Delivers

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Closer to Habit
(Corporate Punishment)

Heavy metal played with a bit of Nickelback post-grunge emo is what this lot delivers. Not as heavy as Trivium or their ilk; they still compare death metal grunts with melodic touches. In other words the singer, Wally Wood, can actually sing as well as scream and grunt. Despite being similar to many bands peddling this type of music (well, at least quite a few land in my mailbox), this lot have the tunes and the talent to make it work.

Tracks like ‘Stitches’ are a clear indication of this and bear repeated listens. Metal fans will find plenty of rifting here; just take a listen to the track ‘Lost in your Words.’ Unlike many bands of their ilk that just annoy me after several listens this lot manage to keep it fresh and interesting.

Kelly Hayes, ex of Cold’s ranks and previously involved on a side-project basis, is now full-time with the band. It clearly shows; this does not sound like a release from a band that lacks experience. Metalcore or metal? Who gives a damn as long as it’s halfway decent and they’ve got the tunes. This lot produces some damn fine heaviness.

Rating 4/5


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  • I thought this was a very good album. Glad to see I’m not alone. I posted a review last week on this.

  • T$

    Absolutely.. great album, great review.