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CD Review: A Bigger Bang by The Rolling Stones

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It’s reassuring to know that, despite being around for so long, the Rolling Stones can still rock out rather well. What’s more, the liner notes (to the standard edition at least) have the words for each song – a feature that seems to be increasingly rare these days, in fact an important feature for those of us who like to attempt to sing along.

Anyway, weighing in at 16 tracks, this album is a hefty 64 minutes or so long, value for money in this age of increasing numbers of half-hour “lite” albums.

But how does it play? It’s reassuringly “Stones” in style – none of the tracks jump out at you for their original sound, but that doesn’t stop it being good. I’m somewhat torn on the scoring of this – It’s good enough for 4/5, easily, but…somehow, not quite peaking high enough for the full 5/5. If you’re not a fan of the Stones, you probably won’t be swayed in any way by this offering. But for those of us that like the classic sound that is the epitome of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s a great album. 4/5

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  • I agree – what I’ve heard of it is definitely “the classic Stones sound”. The pity is, while it’s their trademark sound, it doesn’t have any of the hooks, tunes or songwriting of their *real* classics.