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CD: Imagika produce thrash/power metal thrills

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Devils on Both Sides


Combining a love for Iron Maiden and their ilk with the Bay Area thrash sound, Imagika produce something that is akin to European power-metal than many of their fellow NWOAHM bands. This lot have clearly been influenced by their tours with the likes of Iron Saviour, because while they play fast and heavy, there is a strong element of melody in their music that is so often absent in many thrash released. Vocalist Norman Skinner has enough of a range to keep the music interesting and varied, neither all screeching nor all grunting. This release shows shades of Iced Earth, as well as bands such as Annihilator with a hint of Megadeth at its best.. There is no fluff in the 10 tracks on this disc, just good ole’ foot-on-amp metal. Tracks like ‘Evil’s Rising’ show how good this band are at their trade, the acoustic intro to the title track is another such example as it leads you into one hell of a good song. I suspect the band is a thrill live and are certainly one to watch. A highly enjoyable romp through 10 tracks of American power metal.

Rating: 4/5

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