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CCW: Walk Hafner And Pitch To Shaq

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Another week has gone by in the Cleveland sporti-verse, but unfortunately there isn't much going on to raise or lower the fortunes of Cleveland teams. For the Browns in training camp, I guess that is a good thing as it means there were no catastrophic injuries. Anyway, on with the Watch.

3. Cleveland Indians (30/100) last week 35 – This week the Indians saw the major league debut of Carlos Carrasco. Don't know who he is? Shall we just call him one-fourth of Cliff Lee? He was one of the pieces that the Indians got back in exchange for their former Cy Young winner. His line for his debut with the Tribe against the Tigers? Three innings, six earned runs, nine hits allowed, three strikeouts, and three walks.

If that wasn't enough to drop the Indians a few points this week, they decided to up the ante. Jhonny Peralta decided in order to really put this thing over the top that he had to commit not one, not two, but THREE errors in a single game this week. And Eric Wedge thinks he deserves to find out his fate sooner rather than later. I personally think he should have found out his fate at the all-star break on the unemployment line.

Just stop it already. I can't take it. Onto the next team!

2. Cleveland Browns (46/100) last week 45 – The Browns had a good week in the pre-season because nobody got hurt. Of course they also didn't name a starting quarterback for the season. And then for the fourth pre-season game, Eric Mangini decided that neither QB should play so he can really keep the Vikings wondering who they should write the game plan for in Week 1.

That would be a giant advantage if the Browns had something of a sure thing at quarterback rather than Derek Anderson and the other guy who couldn't seem to differentiate himself as a clear upgrade over Anderson during this whole off-season. One thing we know for sure is that if we were going on who has the prettiest eyes then Brady Quinn would be the quarterback for sure!

3. Cleveland Cavaliers (90/100) last week 95 – The Cavs, for all intents and purposes should have stayed flat this week at 95. Nothing really happened to lessen their chances at being Cleveland's greatest (only?) hope for a championship anytime soon. Then I watched the latest episode of Shaq Vs. on ABC this week.

Shaq was squaring off in a home run hitting competition with Albert Pujols. I won't go into the details of the show because really all that matters is my final opinion after watching my first episode. Shaq's show (that he kind of ripped off from Steve Nash) is really close to being unwatchable. From the contrived scenarios to the handicapped competition all the way to the interviews with Charissa Thompson… Well, those were kinda watchable. Anyway, that show all by itself cost the Cavs five points in the Championship Watch this week.

LeBron again talked about the possibility of staying in Cleveland long term. We try not to spend too many words discussing this continuing saga for a few reasons. First of all, we think LeBron digs the attention. Secondly, we think LeBron cares a whole lot about winning and he needs leverage to keep pressure on whatever team he is with. Third, the landscape changes so frequently and dramatically in the NBA on an annual basis that there is absolutely no way to predict where all the pieces will fall, LeBron included. We are just trying to enjoy the ride as it happens.

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