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CCW: Triple A-Tribe Passes Brett Favre-Beaten Browns

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It appears that fun times for Cleveland fans are officially in a deep freeze until the Cavaliers start playing. The opening of NBA practice can’t begin soon enough. Now, the week that was and where the Cleveland franchises rank in their collective chase for a championship.

3. Cleveland Browns (25/100) Last Week 46You can call this reactionary after having just watched the Browns melt down in the second half as Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson guided the Vikes to a big win over the Browns. Or you could more accurately call it a realization that despite a re-shaped team with a new coaching staff that they still find themselves being outplayed and out-maneuvered in the second half of a game.

Oh, yeah and before the Browns lost the game, they played cat and mouse with the Vikings over who would be under center for the Browns. Brady Quinn won the race, but I don’t think the lack of knowing hurt the Vikings at the end of the day. Quinn was able to rescue his passer rating with a scoring drive late after Brett Favre had already given way to Tarvaris Jackson. And that “rescue” still only achieved a 74.1 rating. You can obviously imagine that it was really low prior to the final drive.

2. Cleveland Indians (30/100) Last Week 30 I am going to be honest. I left the Indians flat this week at 30 because I honestly have no idea what they have been doing. This team is so completely and totally unwatchable right now, that I can’t even begin to tell you. Due to this unwatchable nature and my resulting ignorance of the goings on, the Indians were able to suck their way to the number two spot by not losing to Brett Favre.

Seriously though, I have been watching a little bit. The Tribe has dropped the last five out of six. They have a lame duck manager (I hope) in Eric Wedge. They are officially allowing young guys like Matt LaPorta to play. They are checking out young pitchers like Carrasco. I can say definitively that the Indians are no worse off today than they were last week, though.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (95/100) Last Week 90 Last week the Cavaliers had to be punished because of Shaq VS. This week, I was luckily able to avoid the broadcast of his show. As a result the Cavs got back those five points they dropped last week.

In the never-ending saga of LeBron James’ impending free agency, there was a new quote, this time from LBJ’s mother Gloria. She is officially on record saying that LeBron is a hometown boy. The real bottom line is that nobody knows what LeBron is going to do. Not LeBron and not his mom, I don’t think. The Cavs need to continue to give him reason to stay, and then he will be sure to stay. Despite other reports claiming LeBron could be given a TV channel, color us unlikely. We don’t think Dan Gilbert would be allowed to make LeBron James the VP of marketing for Quicken Loans either. That would be skirting the NBA salary cap and David Stern would never allow that to happen in his league.

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  • The Cavs would almost assuredly be in the garbage if I had seen more than one episode.

  • I like the idea of the Cavs’ championship correlating to the Shaq Vs ratings. Just because.