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CCW: How Low Can the Browns Go?

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Last week, I hoped I wasn't right when I said Cleveland hopes for any fun would have to wait until the Cavaliers started playing. Almost as if they were out to make me look foolish, the Indians and Browns went out and performed disgustingly. Maybe someday Charlie Brown will get to kick that football, right? Right?

Now, for the week that was and where the Cleveland franchises rank in their collective chase for a championship.

3. Cleveland Browns (0/100) Last Week 25 – That's right. I am going with some tough love Browns fans. The Browns put up a second consecutive stinker in Denver this weekend losing 27-6. Again it was a tale of two halves of football. The Browns defense ended up getting worn down by the end and Denver ran away with the game. I am sure a lot of the detractors out there will continue to point at the defense not holding Kyle Orton and the Broncos. I choose to look at the offense's line for the second half. Fumble, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Interception. I always said that it is tough to have a QB controversy when you weren't sure if you have a legit QB on the roster in the first place. Maybe the Browns can go back in time and just take Mark Sanchez?

It isn't all bad, Browns fans. At least the Browns aren't relying on Romeo Crennel to come back with a winning game plan. Also, all-world return man Josh Cribbs gives us a glimpse into the psyche of the team via Twitter.

I really appreciate the support everyone.We just landed back into Cleveland and it's raining cats & no dawgs, we gotta do better go browns!

That is why we love JC16. Regardless, the Browns have a big fat zero on the board, and they will continue to have a zero on the board until they win a game.

2. Cleveland Indians (35/100) Last Week 30 – I am sure a lot of you are wondering how the Indians could jump five points in the ratings this week. Actually, I am sure NOBODY is wondering as I am pretty sure nobody in Cleveland is willing to acknowledge that the Indians are still playing baseball at this point. For those who shut off the the Tribe sides of their brain, let me tell you. The Indians now have 88 losses. They have one win in their last ten games and have dropped eight in a row. And yet, I have given them a five point boost in the ratings.

For once, Eric Wedge's team hasn't responded during meaningless baseball to end the season. In the past when Eric Wedge failed to get his teams to play when the games meant something, he would always respond down the stretch with good baseball and subsequently saving his job. Apparently not this year.

That is actually good news for Tribe fans this time. The Indians got close two years ago, but other than that the Wedge era has been seven years of mostly disappointment and rebuilding. In Cleveland we can take having the low lows as we rebuild, but they need to be offset with higher highs than a single season in contention.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (85/100) Last Week 95 – Nobody is panicking yet because the Cavs have gotten a lot better this off-season, but this is the most important year in the history of the Cavaliers franchise. We brush off constant talk about where LeBron James is going to end up because it is pre-mature and silly to speculate on the brain farts of a 20-something superstar basketball player. The truth is LeBron doesn't know where he is going to go. If I had to guess, I assume he will go wherever he has the best chance to win. I am just hoping that Cleveland ends up being his best chance to win.

But Cleveland's status as a great team took a blow this week when Delonte West was pulled over on his three-wheel motorcycle with three (THREE!) loaded guns. It is scary and sad. This town loves Delonte West. We were endeared to him a season ago with his hilarious personality and his tough-nosed abilities on the court. He came out and talked about his bipolar disorder prior to the start of last season and our support of him grew even bigger. Apparently our love for him wasn't enough to inspire him to keep his nose clean this off-season.

So, there is no telling what the arrest means for Delonte and the Cavs. How long will the suspension be? How many wins will it cost the Cavs to not have Delonte's defense and surprising scoring abilities? The Cavs drop ten points this week as a result.

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