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CCW: Bad News Broken Record

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Certainly the expectations for this week were set awfully low for the Cleveland franchises. Yet, the Browns still found a way to go out and eclipse even the low marks I thought I had set for them. It is going to be okay, Cleveland sports fans. Winter is coming soon, and we know how lovely the winters are in Cleveland.

Now, for the week that was and where the Cleveland franchises rank in their collective chase for a championship.

3. Cleveland Browns (0/100) – Last Week 0 The Browns were exceptionally bad this week against the Ravens. I obviously don’t like the Ravens, but I respect their team tremendously right now. Coming into the year, I expected them to challenge Pittsburgh for the AFC North crown. Now, after a few weeks, it is clear that if they stay this healthy and this hot offensively that they will be the team to beat in the entire AFC. All that being said, there is no way to talk yourself into accepting a 34-3 beatdown at the hands of a divisional opponent.

The Browns were horrible on offense. Brady Quinn telegraphed an interception worse than I have seen in years. After a half of worthless offense, Eric Mangini decided to try a change and went to the flame-throwing reliever Derek Anderson. As Jim Rome would say, he showed up with a gas can in his hands. The thing about Derek Anderson is that he throws really far. So, at the end of the day he threw really long interceptions as compared with the earlier Quinn-terception.

The Browns are bad. They are rebuilding. Now everyone say this next part with me. They do not have a quarterback controversy. We thought we had a Phillip Rivers / Drew Brees situation on our hands a few years ago with these two quarterbacks. Now we know that neither one of these guys can carry the respective equipment bags of the other two. At least not yet. There is still a little bit of hope with Quinn. The Browns need to nip any stupid talk of controversy in the bud by naming Quinn the starter again this week.

2. Cleveland Indians (40/100) Last Week 35 – The Indians make a small jump this week in the rankings because they decided to show up over the weekend and sweep the Orioles. Judging by the images on TV the teams and the team staff were about the only ones to show up to the ballpark this weekend.

On Saturday night, I caught the game on TV and watched an exciting walk-off single by Jhonny Peralta that gave the Tribe a 9-8 victory. As the team was celebrating on the field, I was lost in it for a second all happy as the team jumped around and looked to beat up Jhonny a bit. And then as they calmed down a bit and walked toward the dugout they were shaking hands with manager Eric Wedge and for some reason it made me think of Victor Martinez and how much I miss him on this team.

I understand the business of baseball, but I don’t know how long it will take me to get over the Victor Martinez trade. Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome left via free agency so I could be angry at them and it made it easier. Victor was traded and he didn’t want to go. His son cried on TV and asked his dad “are we still an Indian?” I might never get over that.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (90/100) Last Week 85 – This week the Cavs jump up five points because I am annoyed by the first iteration of the NBA Power Rankings on ESPN. They have the Cavaliers coming in fourth behind the Lakers, Magic, and Boston. That annoys me to no end. If the Cavs were fourth behind the Lakers, Magic and even San Antonio, I would accept it. But fourth behind Boston after last season? Based on what?

The Cavaliers added Shaq, Jamario Moon, Anthony Parker and a recuperating Leon Powe to a team that was already quite stacked with LeBron and Mo Williams. Boston finished last year arthritic and old with KG hurt. They re-signed Big Baby and brought in Rasheed Wallace. So that gives them KG, Paul Pierce Ray Allen, Rasheed Wallace, and Big Baby. Are you telling me that those players are enough to overcome their limp to the finish line last year and overtake a lineup of Lebron, Shaq, Mo Williams, Delonte West and Anderson Varejao?

Can you tell how ready I am for the NBA season to begin? Thankfully the Cavs and Celtics will get to answer this on the basketball court soon. On Tuesday October 27 the Cavaliers open their season at home against (wait for it) the Boston Celtics. I can’t wait.

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  • That people once referred to Mangini as the “Mangenius” will never stop cracking me up. It’s a one-word joke at this point. No need even to use it in a sentence.

  • I was really wondering if CCW had a negative barometer.

    Having said that, I’ve read that maybe the Browns should just have Josh Cribbs run the single wing formation. Or Flash. Or Wildcat. or WILDCAT™! Or whatever the shit they want to call it.

  • I still hate that team for leaving, but if you are a football fan, you can’t help but respect the way that team is constructed. I obviously would never root for them, but respect is due. Same with the Steelers. I can recognize what they have as something I want my team to be. I still want to beat them twice a year more than anything in the world though.

  • Maddy Pumilia

    “I respect their team (Ravens) tremendously right now.”

    Aw, no don’t go over to the dark side!