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CBS Sues Howard Stern: Can The King of All Media Prevail?

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CBS Radio filed suit against Howard Stern for compensatory and punitive damages for multiple breaches of contract, fraud, unjust enrichment, and misappropriation of CBS Radio’s broadcast time. CBS also seeks damages from Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. for unfair competition and tortious interference with Stern’s CBS contract.

The lawsuit alleges that “Howard Stern repeatedly and willfully breached his written contract with CBS Radio over the last 22 months of that contract, misappropriated millions of dollars worth of CBS Radio airtime for his own financial benefit.” CBS also ascertains that “by engaging in continuous promotion of Sirius on CBS Radio airtime without any payment by Sirius to CBS for these advertisements and by pocketing over $200 million dollars for his personal benefit, Stern misappropriated millions of dollars worth of CBS Radio airtime for his own financial benefit.”

Prior to the lawsuit’s filing, Howard Stern held a press conference in New York claiming the lawsuit is a personal vendetta against him by CBS Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves.

“I’m offended. I really do think this is a personal vendetta. Les has had it in for me for a long time. I don’t deserve it,” Stern told a news conference.

“They’re floundering,” Stern said, adding that talk of a suit was meant as a distraction from CBS Radio’s problems.

Stern claims CBS made millions of dollars of him and added to the media attention surrounding his Sirius move by booking him on several CBS TV shows, including “60 Minutes” and “Late Show With David Letterman.”

“The Battle of All Media” has begun. Can the King prevail?

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  • seems like everyone is sueing these days.

  • RogerMDillon

    CBS is pathetic. I can’t wait until CBS sues 60 minutes and David Letterman for helping to promote Stern’s move to Sirius.

  • B Iverson

    Duh! Did the CBS Radio execs just wake up and discover their mealticket is gone? Maybe they should have managed their affairs a little closer. Maybe they should have actually listened to his show, where he outlined his plans to millions a long time ago. Clearly, they are either totally incompetent managers or this is, as Stern said, a “personal vedetta”. Either way, they should just leave it alone. They’ll only bring more people to Syrius and away from their stations.

  • Chuck

    Satellite Radio is awesome

    I dont have to go back to free radio because I dont care to.


  • Greg Smith

    This is great—more publicity for Stern, and more public relations problems for CBS (a rickety old dinosaur in today’s broadcasting world). Howard will win, then he’ll countersue, and the whole thing will be great news fodder. CBS will fire whoever came up with this brainstorm, and Stern will take another percentage of their listenership. So typical of the litigious responses of corporate losers. So typical of the everchanging entertainment landscape. And so typical of Stern’s uncanny ability to keep himself in the public eye. Congrats, Howie…go git em’!!

  • Nice post, Jarrod! What is amazing is that CBS itself hyped Howard’s departure as has been noted above. It was also great for ratings in Howard’s final weeks on regular radio. Even after Howard left and before Roth Radio debuted, K-Rock played reruns of Stern for those last few weeks.

    It’s all about ratings and money and I think CBS realizes that letting Howard go was the biggest mistake since the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

  • Lil’ Jimmy

    When they told him to stop saying Sirius’ name they started calling it ehh ehhh eehhh. That was the most anoying shit I’ve ever heard.

  • zacharytitus

    well i’m glad. he’s a crafty j#w with an overinflated sense of self worth. plus O and A (and lil jimmy) are more talented. has anyone seen my pants?

  • Larry K.

    Howard Stern fans should boycott CBS and all Viacom properties. Howard Stern helped to make CBS hundereds of millions of dollars over a 20 year period, including 2005!

  • cleanurroom

    I can’t figure out where Howard Stern’s salary history has any relevance to Leslie Moonves’s allegations… Who’s the dirtbag here??? Reading the fine print of the CBS lawsuit points out which of these characters are sleazy and dishonest… All details of Howard’s deal are publicly disclosed… There is absolutely no bonus payment to Howard Stern for bringing listeners to Sirius with him… He would have made the same money if he brought 5 listeners or 5 million…

    Howard Stern was given a waiver by CBS to talk about Sirius radio each time he mentioned it and was not dumped, censured, suspended or fired… CBS did not mitigate their damages… Who’s fault is that???

    The real reason for this lawsuit is an attempt to distract everyone from the $9 billion dollar loss that Leslie Moonves has handed the shareholders while he runs off with a $57 million payday… Listeners have been chased off by the incompetence of upper management… Leslie had 14 months to dig up good talent and develope shows… Nothing was done to brace CBS for the historic departure of Stern… Joel hollander sat on his hands and just raked in never before seen profits based on the record high ratings Howard Stern generated by talking about leaving…

    Ratings for Howard’s old stations have been decimated by up to 90%… How can advertising be sold on stations that have no listeners??? Howard had up to 20 million listeners… He has 4 million on Sirius… Where did the rest go??? Howard Stern is not to blame for poor planning by CBS…

    Shame on Leslie Moonves for this debacle… Will he be replaced before the CBS radio firesale or as a result of it??? Shareholders have long memories…

    I promise this suit will be thrown out and Howard will be awarded restitution…

  • stuwebber

    it looks like freedom of speach comes at quite a price not all of us have the $15 a month i take it personal to here mr stearn call some of his EX LISTNERS cheap bastards