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CBS News Imitates The Blogosphere

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Aren’t reporters supposed to post articles and/or opinion-pieces that include, you know, real reporting? That is, as opposed to what you might find on my site, which may include some research, but which may not, depending on my mood and the time I have available to do the research.

Well, Dotty Lynch of CBS News seems to have decided that, “if I can’t beat the blogs, I might as well join them,” with her opinion piece entitled “Rove-Gannon Connection?” You see, even the title sounds like something you would see on any given blog.

And the question mark at the end of the title? Apparently, Ms. Lynch has no idea if this is true, but is hoping against hope and is willing to spend some time throwing out a few possible theories of how these two are connected, so that she can then turn around and make this moralistic statement:

Planting or even just sanctioning a political operative in the WH press room is a dangerous precedent and Karl Rove’s hope to become a respected policymaker will be hampered if the dirty tricks from his political past are more apparent than his desire to spread liberty around the globe.

Does this woman sound “blogger-esque” or what?!

Either CBS News, which seems to be in the process of tearing itself to pieces, is trying out this blogging thing just for kicks, or they are in worse shape than I thought.

Hat tip to Ratherbiased.com.

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  • RJ

    Sounds like they still have that anti-Bush thing going, though…

  • Yes, for sure. Perhaps I should have put the title as, “CBS News Imitates Kos.” 🙂



  • Reporters don’t do opinion pieces about what they cover. Or shouldn’t. It does seem a weak opinion piece, however.

  • Now that is an interesting article. It really does very little to establish a Gannon-Rove connection except by really stretched inferrence, but what it does which I hadn’t seen before, is establish Gannon’s genuine qualifications as an investigative journalist, even if in the blog format. From what she says in the article you have to conclude that Gannon is at least somewhat qualified to be asking questions at the White House because he HAS done some real reporting.


  • So the piece is weak except where it supports something you want to believe? You are effing hopeless.

    The piece is weak, no doubt about it.

  • Clarification – the CBS article

  • She’s editorializing. Not much research.

  • “Some of the things I called Nixon obviously were not accurate. Nixon does not, as far as I know, fuck pigs and sell used cars with cracked blocks.

    Nor is he corrupt beyond the ability of modern man to describe it. Those are exaggerations to make a point. My concern with accuracy is on a higher level than nickels and dimes, in a word, line by line”
    — HST, Woody Creek, January 1990

    So, here’s your nickel, you cheap little whore, what’s your hand in this game?

  • I love the people constantly labeling CBS as liberaly bias.

    Media Matters: How Liberal is CBS really?

  • I love the people constantly labeling CBS as liberaly bias.[sic]

    Only those who can read, Roger…

  • You can read TV? I must have this reverse-thinking technology.

    Typo mocking is the lowest form of … something …

  • Ever watched CBS News Overnight? Watch it three times and come back here and tell me it’s not liberally biased. I dare you. The rest of CBS can pass for moderate to liberal. Overnight is like aging communists in cheap suits reading old issues of Pravda on air.


  • Temple: The article (subject of the original post) is available as text online. I was not mocking Roger’s typo, only his critical reading abilities.

  • I know, it was gentle joke. Sorry, I should’ve added a smiley. It just struck me as funny. Still, did you read his link? I haven’t because I happen to think whatever brings in the bucks is the only bias on the TV networks.