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CBS Must Turn Over Controversial Documents!

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The game is afoot, you might say. CBS released a statement yesterday stating that it stands by the “Bush Guard Memos,” which recently added fuel to the fire regarding questions raised about Bush’s service in the Air National Guard over 30 years ago.

Never mind the fact that the Kerry Campaign and the DNC are trying to do to President Bush what Kerry did to all his fellow servicemen in 1971, dishonor the honorable service of any who serve in the armed services, past present and future. The fact that this is ugly politics for the DNC and business as usual for John Kerry is besides the point.

Meanwhile, nearly every other media source, such as MSNBC, The Washington Post, The National Review, and many other sources, all cast doubts on the authenticity of these new documents. The list of experts who have examined copies of the documents sent out by the White House after they received them from CBS repeatedly point to the same problems which lead them to believe that the documents are forged.

Furthermore, columnists such as Byron York of The National Review point out inconsistencies in what is being said in the questionable documents vs. the documents that have already been authenticated and reviewed by the media. Here is just one example:

A year before the “Not Observed” rating, according to the CBS documents, Killian was again concerned about the possibility of special treatment for Bush. A document attributed to Killian, dated May 4, 1972, orders Bush to report for a physical examination. Then another document, dated May 19, 1972, says Killian had a phone conversation with Bush about the young lieutenant’s desire to transfer to an Air National Guard unit in Alabama. Bush, according to the document, said he might not have time to take his physical exam. “I advised him of our investment in him and his commitment,” the document says, purportedly in Killian’s words. “I also told him I had to have written acceptance before he would be transferred, but think he’s also talking to someone upstairs.”

But according to the documents released by the White House, just seven days later, on May 26, 1972, Killian signed on to a glowing report of Bush’s performance. “Lt. Bush is an exceptional fighter interceptor pilot and officer,” the report, written by Harris, said. “He eagerly participates in scheduled unit activities.” The evaluation even took approving note of the fact that, “Lt. Bush is very active in civic affairs in the community and manifests a deep interest in the operation of our government. He has recently accepted the position as campaign manager for a candidate for United States Senate.” Below Harris’s signature, there was the statement, “I concur with the comments and ratings of the reporting official,” signed by Killian.

Additionally, family and fellow officers of Colonel Killian cast doubt on the authenticity of the documents:

But Killian’s son, one of Killian’s fellow officers and an independent document examiner questioned the memos. Gary Killian, who served in the Guard with his father and retired as a captain in 1991, said he doubted his father would have written an unsigned memo that said there was pressure to “sugar coat” Bush’s performance review.

“It just wouldn’t happen,” he said. “No officer in his right mind would write a memo like that.”

The personnel chief in Killian’s unit at the time also said he believes the documents are fake.

“They looked to me like forgeries,” said Rufus Martin. “I don’t think Killian would do that, and I knew him for 17 years.” Killian died in 1984.

What is CBS’ response to statements made by family, friends, and some of the top document specialists in the country?

Document and handwriting examiner Marcel Matley analyzed the documents for CBS News. He says he believes they are real. And he is concerned about exactly what is being examined by some of the people questioning the documents, because deterioration occurs each time a document is reproduced. And the documents being analyzed outside of CBS have been photocopied, faxed, scanned and downloaded, and are far removed from the documents CBS started with.

So, Mr. Matley calls the conclusions of dozens of other experts into question because they have been “photocopied, faxed, scanned and downloaded” too many times? Well then, the solution to everything is for CBS to turn over the original documents for their direct analysis.

So, is CBS offering to turn over the documents?

I haven’t heard even a whisper of an offer. But, if they stand by the documents, then it would make perfect sense for them to turn them over, right? So lets see them.

The answer to this debate is just one step away from resolution. Turn over the original Guard documents and let other experts have a crack at them, then lets see what the majority concludes and hear any additional debate.

Somehow, I doubt that CBS is going to turn the documents over without a fight. For all their hype about the “moral duty” of the press to question a sitting president, they don’t seem to be too open to being questioned themselves.

Media arrogance at its best.

David Flanagan

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  • bhw

    I also think CBS should straighten this out. In the face of so much doubt about the documents’ authenticity, CBS should be eager to show why they think the documents are authentic.

    However, this is simply laughable:

    Never mind the fact that the Kerry Campaign and the DNC are trying to do to President Bush what Kerry did to all his fellow servicemen in 1971, dishonor the honorable service of any who serve in the armed services, past present and future. The fact that this is ugly politics for the DNC and business as usual for John Kerry is besides the point.

    Both campaigns are interested in casting doubt upon the service of the other candidate. But you, like the other conservatives who post here, see only one half of that game.

  • In my view, yet another distraction from the real issues of any election. It is quite telling that we know more about what they did 30+ years ago then what they want to do tomorrow.

    What the candidates prospose and want to do tomorrow is far more important than what happened 30+ years ago.

  • Then lets have the documents reviewed by more than just the CBS analyst. If the documents are real, then they are the property of the federal government. If they are fake, then I want to see this matter investigated.


  • Sorry Hal, better get a new kite. That one doesn’t fly.

    Here is what Bouffard actually said by the two sources. Obviously both the Boston Globe [for obvious reasons, they first broke the story in the fish wrap press] and the SF Gate are at best twisting facts, at wordt lying out their collective asses.

    Hal I suggest a Japanese fighting kite, they are great,

  • I almost forgot this little piece of biased crap from your linked article Hal:

    The controversy over the authenticity of the documents has all but blocked out discussion of their content. They say Killian was under pressure to “sugar coat” Bush’s record, and Bush refused a direct order to take a required medical examination and discussed how he could skip drills.

    Authenticity be dammed, the content is more important, true or not.

    Never mind if the memos are fake it is more omportant to place in the readers mind that Bush has not fullfilled his obligations.

  • if george w. pussy bush came out and said i never served a day, my dad kissed ass all over the place to get my tired pussy ass out of the military……..people would still not believe it.

    again, a man see’s what he wants to see and disregards the rest.

    that stone goes both ways.
    that kite does fly.

    jack e. jett

  • again, a man see’s what he wants to see and disregards the rest.


    You ever heard of the Freudian term, “Transference?”

    Think about it.


  • Good shot David, but your wasting the reference on jej. He won’t know what it means or bother looking for the meaning.
    The extent of his intellectural lassitude is displayed in that post.

    The funny thing is if ever faced with Bush face to face he would have the fortitude to say any thing beyond yes sir no sir.

    Besides jej if President Bush did come out and admit to all those things in fact I would believe it. There is no reason not to. It just wouldn’t matter one wit.

    Just as it matters little what Kerry did in Vietnam. the problem with Kerry is what has happened since. At every opportunity he has embellished, lied, or other wise distorted what he did do 30 years ago for political gain. Plus 20 years supposedly representing his State in the Senate but own near zero accomplishments compared with his colleges with similar length of service.

  • As an addendum to the above reference to Dr. Bouffard and how the Boston Globe twisted the truth (to put it in polite terms) here is an interview done after the Dr Bouffard read the Globe article.

    “What the Boston Globe did now sort of pisses me off, because now I have people calling me and e-mailing me, and calling me names, saying that I changed my mind. I did not change my mind at all!” “I would appreciate it if you could do whatever it takes to clear this up, through your internet site, or whatever.” “All I’d done is say, ‘Hey I want to look into it.’ Please correct that damn impression!”

    “What I said to them was, I got new information about possible Selectric fonts and (Air Force) documents that indicated a Selectric machine could have been available, and I needed to do more analysis and consider it.”

    “But the more information we get and the more my colleagues look at this, we’re more convinced that there are significant differences between the type of the (IBM) Composer that was available and the questionable document.”

    “The (new Selectric) typefaces sent to me invalidated the theory about the foot on the four (originally reported to INDC), >strong>but after looking at this more, there are still many more things that say this is bogus.”

    “… there are so many things that are not right; ‘s crossings,’ ‘downstrokes’ …”

    “More things were looked into; more things about IBM options. Even if you bought special (superscripting) keys, it’s not right. There are all kinds of things that say that this is not a typewriter.”

    “Any form of kerning may be critical (he hasn’t rendered a definitive verdict if there is a form of kerning yet). If there is any type of kerning, it obviously isn’t a typewriter or it’s definitely a typeset document.”

    Get a new kite Hal.

  • you can chat all you want about my idiotic post…but you should know that if i were face to face with bush, i would say more than yes sir and no sir…..i would say…how do you feel about killing innocent children mr. pussy man? how does if feel to know that half the country thinks your are an freaking idiotic moron? how do you feel that your whore wife killed someone in a car wreck you low life fuckwad?

    george w. bush does not scare me. he scares the world.

    jack e. jett

  • You forgot: “How does it feel top be re-elected?”

    Quick question jej. Did you have the same baby killing feelings about Clinton went he went into Kosovo, a conflict that also was not authorized by the UN until after the fact?

    And based on the fact that Clinton dodged the draft is he also a “mr. pussy man” for killing innocent children although he never served.

    Just wondering.

    BTW compare Kosovo and its current standing after the US intervention and handover to the UN for administration. A model that Kerry continues to espouse for Iraq.

    Kosovo: No elected Gov, with no elections scheduled. The UN personnel are utilizing children as prostitutes. The country is still fractured and nearly ungovernable.

    Say what you will, and there are many problems in Iraq at the moment, it is far and away in better shape after 18 months when compared to Kosovo after 8 years.

  • clinton is the king.
    he scored a blow job in the white house. made people happy. smart. just freaking cool

    bush is a moron pussy who wouldn’t know a blow job if it hit him on the head. everyone knows that warmongers has little weenies. that is why they go to war.

    marc…..i am not as smart as you, so verbal lashing is about all i am good for. i live in texas and there is something is the water that fucks up our heads. however, i am just in the little house venting while bush (who has drank the same water) is up in the big ole whitehouse.

    i still love you.

    jack e. jett

  • RJ

    “how do you feel that your whore wife killed someone in a car wreck you low life fuckwad?”

    Oh, man. That’s class.

  • As you are no doubt the first to realize, RJ, coming from you that doesn’t mean a helluva lot.

  • RJ

    Thank you for your support, Rodney.

    Yes, I survived Hurricane Frances. Yes, my house is still livable. Yes, I finally have power, and the water is at last safe to drink.

    Thank you for your concern. I appreciate it deep down in the cockles of my cold-blooded right-wing heart.

  • You are such a baby.

  • jej “george w. bush does not scare me. he scares the world.”

    No but I bet “Bubba” would after the Secret Service had you locked up for a couple nights doing an investigation.

  • rj:

    i know that my comments are not of the same class as a “go fuck yourself” or wearing a purple heart bandaid. however, they do come from my classless liberal heart.

    i come from the land of bush. mudslinging is in our blood.

    and as far as bubba locking me up for a couple of nights……i don’t think he swings my way, but he he did…i’d go for it.


  • RJ

    “i know that my comments are not of the same class as […] wearing a purple heart bandaid”

    Why is this classless? Kerry got ALL THREE of his Purple Hearts for band-aid wounds.

    I’ve been injured more grieviously playing basketball…

  • RJ

    “You are such a baby.”

    Yes, and the dozens dead due to Atlantic hurricanes this season are all infants as well.

    Again, thank you for your concern.

  • RJ

    “and as far as bubba locking me up for a couple of nights……i don’t think he swings my way, but he he did…i’d go for it.”