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CBS Fires Two CSI Actors

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Though I haven’t been watching CSI much, I’m shocked to learn that CBS has promptly fired two of its actors for committing the sin of asking for a raise. Both actors Jorja Fox and Geoge Eads, who play Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes respectively, will no longer be seen in the award-winning crime show.

The timing could not be more terrible, in my opinion, since shooting for the new season began last Thursday, no doubt causing a disruption on the set.

No word if the characters will remain, albeit with new actors (bad idea), or with new characters entirely (a better idea).

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  • I know continuity and character development is mostly an afterthought on CSI, but considering that last season ended with Fox’s character Sara being picked up for drunk driving, and hints earlier that the character has a drinking problem, how are they going to deal with that?

    Probably the same way they dealt with Grissom’s deafness, new season starts, “all better now”.

  • S N

    That’s it! Stick a fork in me, I’m done. I tollerated (with irritation) the third franchise echo harkening the coming of CSI New York.

    What’s left of my interest drained with the firing of two of my fav’s. The show was cool but the characters kept me coming back for more. Will was my “geeky oblivious” advocate while Nick and Sarah were my “charasmatic wanting to please” and “retreating to what I am good at when stressed” parts of my personality respectively.

    The stories were cool but I related personally with the characters. The nature of the viewer relationship is a very tenuous one. We say “ok, I know this is all made up, but I’ll pretend it’s not and get all swept up into it”. Screw with that balance or remind us it is all just a dream (spirit of Bobby’s death) and I snap back, reminded of the dishes I have to do or the kids I should be reading to.

    Congrats CBS, you shook the bed and I am awake. Now I can turn off your show for good.