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Cavs Issue Apology to Pacers Following 99-88 Win

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At the end of the Cavs’ 99-88 win over the Indiana Pacers yesterday, the camera panned across the Cavaliers’ bench and LeBron James looked legitimately ticked off. At first I thought maybe there was some kind of problem between the Pacers and Cavs, but it turned out that LeBron was livid with teammate Anderson Varejao.

At the end of the game as the Cavs were running off the clock, the ball ended up in Varejao’s hands just outside the three point line and he decided to shoot one last time in an effort to put the Cavs over the century mark, thus giving Cavs fans a free chalupa at Taco Bell. In all liklihood, despite all the cheering, most fans never cash in on their “prize” but it doesn’t stop them from screaming like insipid little children every time there is a chance to score 100.

So Anderson Varejao shot up a three pointer that missed. LeBron James and his coach Mike Brown were none too happy about it.

Coach Mike Brown also sat down with Varejao to continue to make the point and he also took the time to issue an apology to the Pacers’ team.

The Cavs have a pretty good reputation around the league and it is nice to see that even when someone on their team does make a mistake, that they take care of it the way it should be taken care of. The last thing that any team wants is to start being that special team that everyone guns for and hates. Those kind of emotion-fueled battles never favor the team that is expected to win. By being a “nice” team it is sometimes easier to lull opponents to sleep.

For those of you who were wondering who runs this team, just look to the fact that LeBron’s quote is first and strongest. He speaks on behalf of other players much like a coach would do.

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  • I must really be in the minority here. A lot of people seem to disagree that this is even a bad idea for Varejao.

    I guess I come from the point that even if you think that the Pacers shouldn’t have a right to get mad about it, it is still a less than stellar idea for the Cavs to even take a chance at rubbing it into any of their opponents faces. This rule applies especially when it is a team that they should beat, and who, if the playoffs started right then would have been the Cavs’ opponent in the first round as the seven seed to the Cavs second seed.

    Whenever you add emotional incentive to a contest, it almost always favors the team that wasn’t expected to win in the first place. Right or wrong, I can’t fault LeBron and the coach for not wanting to give the Pacers any kind of emotional lift.

  • El Bicho

    I had to check to see if this was satire. How is a player doing something for the fans a mistake, especially considering most fans don’t get to cash in according to you? Surely the Pacers have similar promotions and would understand it wasn’t done to show them up. Lebron and his coach are idiots if this story is true. Were they mad at the person who scored the basket that gave then 97 points?

  • RJ

    So…this player was beaten down by his own teammates and coach for trying to do something nice for the fans? Sounds like bullshit to me…