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Cattle Decapitation Has Album Cover Banned!

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San Diego extreme metallers CATTLE DECAPITATION have posted the following message on their official web site: “We’ve been given the option to change the [‘Humanure’] album cover and we’re doing it. We’ve received too many complaints that people are unable to find the album and that is something we wanted to defeat by signing with Metal Blade.

We knew it had to incorporate the current original artwork somehow as well as to put across a message. We’re going to go with the image that’s on the back of the current layout. It’s just a barren wasteland that (now in hindsight, cryptically) symbolizes the ill effect of censorship as well as the fallout left by the apocalypse known as humanity. Void of flavor and life. Exactly the way this world will be when it cures itself of this disease. The positive things to come out of this? Now nobody will be able to complain that they can’t find what we think is our best record to date as well as more focus on the music and the lyrics. The original cover has been released (though it will now be limited edition) so at least it exists somewhere and the vinyl version on Deep Six Records will still have the original cover. We’re really not concerned with ‘grossing people out’, our music deserves more than that and the lyrics do a fine job of that already.

“We suggest that if you don’t have ‘Humanure’ already, get it. This change will take place as soon as the printers can belt out the new copies. After that the original version will be deleted. And it’s by far our best release yet.

“To any possible sceptics: It’s death metal. If we were all about money and album sales we wouldn’t have given our lives to this kind of music. Don’t try. We’re on tour constantly busting our asses so the record needs to be in stores.

“Who to blame? I wish it was as simple as ‘The PMRC.’ After Janet Jackson revealed her mammary glands(complete with surrounding tissue and piercing) on national TV, the FCC has tightened the noose on the entertainment industry, forcing chain stores and countless others to pay more attention to this kind of thing. Fear. Having ultra Christian/right-wing conservatives running our country doesn’t help much either. Get out there and vote, people.

“The original cover art by Wes Benscoter will always be available for viewing at our website www.cattledecapitation.com.”

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About richwithhatred

  • I am sorry for all you Cattle Decapitation fans… but this is all too Spinal Tap for me.


  • Duane

    “Fear. Having ultra Christian/right-wing conservatives running our country doesn’t help much either. Get out there and vote, people.”

    Yes, we demand our right to view deformed humanoid cow excrement!

  • Shark


    That cover’s almost as gross and disturbing as “The Passion” — or a nice grapic crucifix in any Catholic church.

  • trevor

    the album rules all!!

  • MFB

    More veggie wacks with their “meat is murder” mentality.

    This is for real men: http://www.tnugent.com/

    Do those veggie chics eat jizz?

  • ClubhouseCancer

    Not yers, I bet.

  • MFB

    What is yer? Is that the way you sound with jizz in your throat? Or were you trying to say ears?

  • d narrow

    the FCC is a bunch of neo-nazi cheerleaders
    who serve the sole purpose of destroying free thought and artistic expression on behalf of
    their gun-toting god fearing government.
    censor that!
    (also, Cattle Decapitation fuckin rocks)

  • bubba

    Poor cow