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Catholic is used to describe all of the churches in union with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. This would include the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the various Eastern Churches (such as the Byzantine , the Melkite and Coptic).


Catholic also refers to all things related to the Catholic Church, from baptized believers to doctrines, beliefs and customs. Catholics understand creation to be sacramental in nature. It points humanity toward God, and through it God is able to touch humanity. That is why catholics have sacraments, holy water, rosaries, crucifixes, and statues. This principle explains the catholic devotion to saints, the emphasis on community and communal prayer, and catholic charity and social outreach .

Catholics can be found all throughout the blogosphere, writing movie reviewsbook reviewshumor & news,  opinions & entertainment, as well as about technologyfamily life, and more.

The teachings of the Catholic Church are readily available in The Catechism of the Catholic Church .

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