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Gerry Weaver’s Supernatural Musings

Gerry Weaver’s Supernatural Coverage

TV Review: Supernatural – “Trial and Error”

Supernatural hits one out of the park with the marvelous "Trial and Error." Read More »

Supernatural’s 8th Season Premieres: “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

After a hellish hiatus of several months, the show's back with an episode packed full of potential. Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “There’s Something About Kevin”

Supernatural returns for its eighth season with the super "There's Something About Kevin." Read More »

Supernatural: The Eighth Season Approaches

Theorizing, summarizing, and a bit of worrying, seven days before the premiere. Read More »

Supernatural: Where Do We Go From Here?

Some thoughts on what I'd like for Supernatural's Season Eight. Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “Survival of the Fittest”

Supernatural's season seven finale ends with a bang as the boys find out God's weapons have a kick. Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “There Will Be Blood”

Supernatural's "There Will Be Blood" fails to deliver chills or thrills. Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “Reading is Fundamental”

The Winchesters find it as difficult to figure out Castiel as ancient writing on a tablet in "Reading is Fundamental." Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”

Guest star Felicia Day Carries This Week's Supernatural. Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “Of Grave Importance”

Sam and Dean finally see Bobby as they all work a case in a haunted house. Read More »