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Editors: Barbara Barnett, Josh Lasser

DVD Review: Midsomer Murders, Set Twelve

"This is the country...and in the country, anything goes." DCI Tom Barnaby, Midsomer Murders Read More »

DVD Review: Shuttle (2008)

Will definitely make you think twice about using an airport shuttle. Read More »

DVD Review: The Poker Club

I fold. Read More »

DVD Review: Exposed (1971)

Plot? What IS this "plot" of which you speak? Read More »

DVD Review: No Country for Old Men (3-Disc Collector’s Edition)

No Country for Old Men receives the royal 3-Disc treatment. Read More »

TV Review: The Starter Wife – Series Premiere

Wife begins again as Debra Messing proves there's life after wife (and Grace Adler). Read More »

The Music of House, MD: An Essential Soundtrack

Whether performed by series star Hugh Laurie, or simply a backdrop to scene, the music used in House, MD is always evocative. Read More »

Dr. Gregory House: Romantic Hero

Like Bronte’s Rochester, Gregory House is a Romantic Hero. Read More »

TV Review: Survivor 13: Cook Islands – Episode 11

Verbal brouhahas, name-calling, and more as the castaways toss another off the island. Read More »

TV Review: NCIS – “Smoked”

We have closure on the Ducky-Gibbs riff and a deepening of the Tony storyline, all cozily nestled in a macabre story... Read More »