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Mini-series and TV Movies

Blu-ray Review: ‘11.22.63’

'11.22.63' is an intriguing story with a lot of talented people behind it, but is uneven in its execution. Read More »

‘The X-Files’ 2016 Takes Full Advantage of Mulder and Scully in Middle Age


Most importantly, THE X-FILES 2016 has seen the reestablishment of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s Mulder and Scully as one of the most iconic pairs in TV history. Other than the rather joyless opening ep, which was perhaps inevitably heavy on exposition and table setting, this has been an immensely satisfying season with a wider emotional range than we have seen before from the stars and their characters. That emotional range has been built upon a potentially very sensitive matter: their respective mid-life crises. Read More »