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Concert Reviews

Concert Review: Lynch Mob

This past Friday night George Lynch returned to The Chance. This time he was playing with Lynch Mob, the last time he was here was back in March when he was playing with Yngwie Malmsteen. But before we could get to his performance, there were three opening acts to check out. I have seen all of them before and had ... Read More »

CONCERT REVIEW: Scissor Sisters at The Avalon

Let’s begin with the obvious: Jake Shears, lead singer of glam-phenomenom superband “Scissor Sisters” is way hot. He is a mick-jaggered edged-up bowie in skintight leather pants and velvet frocks. He looks like the wholesome boy next door AND the dirty fag who deflowers the boy next door on a lark. In short, he’s a rockstar and the first one ... Read More »

Concert Review: Rich Robinson

The other day I got a call from an old friend of mine. Turns out, she had come into possession of a pair of tickets to see Rich Robinson in concert. I had known the show was coming, but was kind of waffling as to whether or not I was going to go. Funny how a free ticket makes up ... Read More »

Keane Concert Review

I love Keane’s album. I love the fact that they can rock without guitars. So, I thought I would try it live at The Granada in Lawrence, KS. First off, I have to say that the lead singer’s voice is beautiful. I think one of my friends actually had tears in his eyes at one point. All in all, the ... Read More »

Concert Review: Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson

This show was a bit of a departure from my usual fare. Most people who know me, know me as a fan of metal and its related genres, so hearing that I was going to see Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson was a bit of a shock. But the opportunity to see these two men in concert was too good ... Read More »

Presidential Election 2004

The 2004 presidential election is has come and gone. The nation is deeply and starkly divided on the road ahead on any number of issues. We will continue our running compilation of our election-related posts – watch it unfold here and come back often for updates. Government of Business, by Business, for Business – Part II The land sharks are ... Read More »

Cowboy Junkies & Shawn Colvin Concert Review – July 11, 2004

Last night at Wolf Trap Amphitheater, in the Virginia suburbs outside Washington, DC, The Cowboy Junkies and Shawn Colvin split the bill, allowing for equal time for a mellow evening of acoustic folk and smokey, simmering jams. Read More »

Musings on Crypt Magazine, Goth and the Grand Guignol

It was just a matter of time before some eccentric entrepreneur came up with the idea of a Goth magazine. Editor-In-Grief, David Necro has done just that with his Crypt Magazine creation. Introduced to the masses this month, the magazine of “sex, horror and rock & roll” has only seen the light of the Internet, but a few hard copies ... Read More »

Primus Live

By Chris Olsen Hey, this is Chris again for second concert review. As you may know I went to Ozzfest over the summer and some people thought my opinion on some of the bands there was off. I recently went to a Primus concert at the Agora in Cleveland. There is no argument that Les Claypool is one of the ... Read More »

Concert review: Belle and Sebastian

The quirkiest concert I've ever been to. Read More »