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Concert Reviews

Transatlantic – Live In Europe DVD Review

Transatlantic are easily one of the best of the current progressive-rock bands, since they are essentially a prog-rock supergroup. As a band, they are often better than their individual parts, which consist of Spock’s Beard – Neal Morse, Dream Theater – Mike Portnoy, The Flower Kings – Royne Stolt, and Marillion – Pete Traveres. I’m sure I’ll get much disagreement ... Read More »

U2 – Elevation 2001 (Live From Boston) DVD Review

I really wasn’t expecting much from this latest concert video from U2. After all, I found their previous two albums Zooropa and Pop to be experimental blunders (to put it mildly) that signaled the beginning of the end of a once great band. Their subsequent world tours for each of these albums were even more disappointing–and I love huge, over-the-top ... Read More »

Neal Morse – Testimony Live DVD Review

Neal, Neal, Neal. Why hath thou forsaken us so? Again! Why do you insist on releasing such amazing live musical testaments, with such conflictingly weak production values?–just like you did with the Spock’s Beard, and Transatlantic concert videos. Is a 5.1 surround mix, and some decent cameras too much too expect, or are they that prohibitively expensive? Maybe they are. ... Read More »

Led Zeppelin DVD Review

Warning: this review may Ramble On a little bit. The seventies had just ended, and being that I was a newly crowned teenager, I was just beginning to formulate my musical tastes. The old standbys on my turntable, such as Kiss, Aerosmith, and Ted Nugent, found themselves being replaced by more "deeper" bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Kansas. ... Read More »

Steve Vai – Live At The Astoria London DVD Review

I was introduced to Steve Vai for the first time via the 1986 movie Crossroads, which starred Ralph Macchio in an update to the famous story of a blues guitarist who sells his soul to the devil. In this version, Vai plays the devil’s guitarist, who Macchio’s character must duel in the end to win back his mentor’s soul. Seeing ... Read More »

Best of 2004 – Concert DVD List

2004 was a great year for concert DVDs. Now that almost everyone owns a DVD player, and the technology to record and produce a quality DVD has gotten much less inexpensive, almost all bands, of every level of success, are putting out their own DVD. I know I’m missing a few deserving candidates, because I just haven’t gotten to them ... Read More »

Eric Clapton – Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD Review

The Crossroads Guitar Festival was a guitar fan’s wet dream, especially for those of us whose influences extend a bit past the Korns, Linkin Parks and other drop-D aficionados of the world. What we have here is a gathering of many of the world’s greatest living guitarists, who came together for a three day festival at the Cotton Bowl in ... Read More »

Blues Traveler – Live Thinnest Of Air DVD Review

Thinnest Of Air captures Blues Traveler at their annual 4th of July show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, in Morrison, Colorado. This has been a tradition for the band, and their fans, for over ten years now. This is a documentary style concert DVD, and features loads of behind the scenes footage interspersed throughout the song performances. One the bad ... Read More »