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Concert Reviews

Concert Review: An Acoustic Evening with Godsmack

In between touring as the opening act for Metallica, Godsmack has been playing some acoustic shows in a more intimate setting. Sunday December 5th at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY was one of those nights. I went in not really knowing what to expect, many of you who know me, may know me as a lapsed Godsmack fan. ... Read More »

Boz Scaggs – Greatest Hits Live

There I was, coffee in hand, just beginning to start my channel surfing on the sunny, summer, Saturday morning of August, 7, 2004, when I happened to stumble across Boz Scaggs‘ performance on the Today Show, as part of their "concert on the plaza" series. I had not even realized that Boz was still performing these days, and was quite ... Read More »

Concert review: Pixies and Mission of Burma, December 2

A bill that makes committing a crime to get a concert ticket an attractive prospect. Read More »

Dream Theater – Live At Budokan

Dream Theater has finally gotten it right. Well, almost. After releasing a few other hit-and-miss video releases, throughout the past decade, we finally get a full length, DVD, concert video with world class production values. This DVD doesn’t suffer from the same problems as their previous videos, such as a phenomenal performance marred by a terrible production (Metropolis 2000), but ... Read More »

Glass Hammer – Lex Live

Of all the great things that the Internet provides us with (news, forums, research, porn) its greatest gift may just be the virtually infinite access to all of the world’s music, which you may never find in your local music store, and most definitely never hear on the sorry state of today’s radio. Thanks to many of the great music ... Read More »

Los Lonely Boys – Texican Style (Live In Austin)

Los Lonely Boys are comprised of the three Garza brothers: Henry on guitar, Jo Jo on bass, and Ringo on the drums (what else). They had already made a name for themselves in the Texas and Southeast club circuit, thanks to their smoldering live performances, but with the release of their self-titled debut album, around the end of 2003, it ... Read More »

Rush – Rush In Rio

Rush in Rio was emphatically my most anticipated concert DVD release of 2003. Like a true Rush geek, I ran out and bought it the day it was released (actually I made my wife do it, because I was working) and then told my boss that I would need the next day off. This, of course, was so I could ... Read More »

Concert Review: Metal Church/3 Inches of Blood

This past Tuesday evening I attended a concert which presented two local acts, which I had seen before, one up and coming act I was completely unfamiliar with, and one act from the eighties staging a comeback. That last act I am vaguely familiar with, I remember friends playing their tapes many years ago, I liked it, but never got ... Read More »

Concert Review: Dry Kill Logic 11/14/04

Second concert in two nights, both featuring 5 acts. I was thinking this may have been an error in judgment, but that thought quickly dissipated once the show started. The one downside was the size of the crowd, it was rather small, it would grow as the night wore on, but it never reached the size of the Mushroomhead crowd ... Read More »

Concert Review: Mushroomhead 11/13/04

This show started out as being headlined by Motograter and featured Dope in support. Mushroomhead had been scheduled to headline a show a few days later. Then the Mushroomhead show disappeared from the schedule, to my disappointment of course, I had seen them back in February, and they put on one hell of a show. Then, upon checking the schedule ... Read More »