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Concert Reviews

Triumph – A Night Of Triumph (Live) DVD Review

AHHHH, the rock and roll glory days of the 80’s. A time when long-forgotten bands like Triumph ruled the stage. A time when men could wear polka-dotted spandex and mascara and still be cool. Man, I miss those days. The early 80’s was when I saw the lions-share of my concerts, when bands like Triumph, Judas Priest, and the Scorpions, ... Read More »

Concert Review: Jolie Holland at Little Brothers

On February 8th, the night before I would see her in concert, Jolie Holland told me that “nobody makes money on their first tour.” As I sit in Little Brothers, a small club in Columbus, Ohio, I can see her point. The bar is nearly empty with only seven people including myself waiting for the show to start. There are ... Read More »

Echolyn – Stars And Gardens Volume 4 DVD Review

Last summer I started tuning into Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio Internet station every time I would sit down at my computer to write these reviews or do some surfing. I REALLY started getting into progressive-rock a lot more around 1992, after being blown away by Dream Theater‘s Images And Words album, whose "Pull Me Under" actually got a little ... Read More »

The Cult – Live Cult (Music Without Fear) DVD Review

The Cult made a comeback of sorts a few years ago with their excellent Beyond Good And Evil album. Founding members, Ian Astbury (vocals) and Billy Duffy (guitars) grabbed longtime drummer Matt Sorum, who had left them a while back to join Guns & Roses, and decided to hit the road again in support of this new album. Sorum is ... Read More »

Marillion – From Stoke Row To Ipanema DVD Review

I think the reason that I have never held Marillion in quite as a high a regard as fellow second (or third – depending on who you ask) generation prog-rockers Dream Theater or Spock’s Beard, is that non of their music has ever really blown me away, to the same extent that these other bands have. Don’t get me wrong, ... Read More »

Concert Review: Metadox 2/4/05

There’s nothing quite like a night of live music, is there? Especially when it’s quality work. This past Friday night was one of those nights. I went to the local music venue, The Chance Theater, and took in a few up and coming local acts as they took to the stage. The first act of the evening went by the ... Read More »

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Live At Montreux 1997 DVD Review

Boy, these guys sure are good at their instruments. As far as this classical-jazz-rock hybrid they are famous for playing….did I mention that these guys are really good at their instruments?? Emerson Lake and Palmer are one of those bands that really benefit from the greatest hits packages, because each of their albums typically had just as many bad songs ... Read More »

G3 – Live In Denver DVD Review

The Live In Denver concert was recorded from a stop on what is now the fifth G3 tour and was recorded at The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado, on October 20, 2003. It is hard to believe that G3 has already completed five tours since its inception in 1996. I thought it was going to be a one-time thing, allowing tour ... Read More »

Simon & Garfunkel – Old Friends (Live On Stage) DVD Review

Growing up in the seventies, I was usually drawn more to the classic-rock and heavy-metal side of the tracks, than I was to the folk-rock movement of the times. At a very early age I was introduced, by my older brother, to an amazing variety of music from The Beatles, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Santana and many others. Although I ... Read More »