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Album Reviews

Music Review: Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders – ‘The Last Of The Originals’

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders

'The Last Of The Originals’ is far from being just a country album. Read More »

Music Review: Julie Kelly – ‘Happy to Be’

julie kelly

Kelly is a singer who knows her way around a lyric and puts that knowledge into her performance. Read More »

Music Review: Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson – ‘Thick as a Brick – Live in Iceland’ [Blu-ray + CD]

Thick As A Brick - Live in Iceland

Despite a good performance, Ian Anderson's 'Thick as a Brick - Live in Iceland' isn't an indispensable addition to the Jethro Tull canon. Read More »

Music Review: Counting Crows – ‘Somewhere Under Wonderland’

Counting Crows

'Somewhere Under Wonderland' is a welcome return to a band I truly relished for many years and am glad to hear once again. Read More »

Music Review: Xombie – ‘Capital X’

Xombie - Capital X

While the the well crafted and polished music of this talented band did not resonate with me , it should fare quite well with lovers of the rap metal genre. Read More »

Music Review: The Sours – ‘The Sours’

the sours

An album filled with the kind of music that deserves an audience. Read More »

Music Review: David Pedrick – ‘Time Remembered’


'Time Remembered' is an album that would have made Bill Evans proud. Read More »

Music Review: Johnny Winter – ‘Step Back’

johnny winter step back

Johnny Winter's last album is not only a rockin' grand finale for the Texas legend but also a tribute to the music that inspired him. Read More »

Music Review: Jay Brown – ‘Beginner Mind’

Jay Brown - Beginner Mind

Imbued with sounds reminiscent of Americana, 'Beginner Mind' is the fruit of Jay Brown pouring his heart and soul into each track to create an inviting, relaxing, and soothing album. Read More »

Music Review: Beach Day – ‘Native Echoes’

Beach Day

Beach Day's sophomore effort still carries the surf guitar/girl group torch, but they're now spending more time in the garage. Read More »