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Album Reviews

Music Review: Chrome – ‘Feel It Like a Scientist’

Feel It Like A Scientist

Chrome’s new 'Feel It Like a Scientist' completes a cycle of rejuvenation that began last year with the release of 'Half Machine from the Sun: Lost Tracks (’79-’80).' Read More »

Music Review: Dina Regine – ‘Right On, Alright’

dina regine right on alright

Not just a fine songwriter and singer, Dina Regine also has a wide-ranging sensibility infused with the history of the great pop music of the past half century. Read More »

Music Review: Sloan – ‘Commonwealth’

Sloan - Commonwealth

'Commonwealth' proves that Sloan has four skilled songwriters and instrumentalists with distinct tastes that keep the band atop the list of power pop bands. Read More »

Music Review: Northwest +1 – ‘Minor Suggestions’

Northwest +1

This collection is a beautifully varied selection of original compositions with something significant to offer all types of jazz listeners. Read More »

Music Review: Cyrille Aimée – ‘It’s A Good Day’

Cyrille Aimee

All in all, 'It’s A Good Day' is an album that promises much and delivers the goods. Read More »

Music Review: Pugwash – ‘A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds: A Preamble Through The History Of Pugwash…’

pugwash band

At long last, the sounds of Ireland's Pugwash are coming to the States, and it's about time. Read More »

Music Review: The Adam Meckler Orchestra – ‘When The Clouds Look Like This’

Adam Meckler

Adam Meckler is a trumpet player, composer and educator from Minnesota whose new album of all original music is made for large jazz ensembles. It's thoughtful, soulful, joyful, melodic, and sometimes groove-oriented. Read More »

Music Review: Doc Stewart – ‘Code Blue!’


Doc Stewart leads a big band with a contemporary vibe. Read More »

Music Review: The Turtles – ‘The Turtles 45 RPM Vinyl Singles Collection’


The Turtles release a boxed set of their biggest hit singles on 7" vinyl. Read More »

Music Review: Maroon 5 – ‘V’

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 uses 'V' to grab music elements from every walk of pop life and stamp it as their own. It's a tour through audio addiction. Read More »