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Music Review: Eleni Mandell – Afternoon

The fifth album from singer/songwriter Eleni Mandell is at once cohesive and schizophrenic. While her songs conjure up images of shadowy bars and lipstick-stained cigarettes, there’s an element of wry humor about her music, as if you just barely catch her giving you a wink while she sings about her broken heart. The simplicity of her songs belies their power; ... Read More »

Music Review: Jonathan Elias ‘American River’

In the first words of the last recording before his death, Johnny Cash speaks slowly, with his native authority, over the incipient trickle of Jonathan Elias’ piano. The American River Lives inside our soul. It spills onto the soil we touch, And it spreads its wisdom To those who then reach The struggle to remain pure, Is clouded by fear ... Read More »

Music Review: Michael Rose – Happiness: The Best of Michael Rose

At at an intersection in our suburbian eutopia, we pulled alongside some construction, [and its requisite workers] and waited for the light to turn. We had the windows rolled up, and we were jamming. Heads bopping, the mirrors vibrating, we were quite a scene -- two forty-something women, dressed for dinner in a silver SUV, listening to hardcore reggae. Read More »

Music Review: The Rolling Stones – Jump Back

Long available in the UK, this greatest hits album has finally been released in the US, and the question most fans will be asking is “Why?” The perennial classic collection Forty Licks surely enjoys a place of prominence in any Stones fan’s CD rack, and, while that double album covers the band’s entire career, Jump Back is limited to songs ... Read More »

Music Review: Fathless – No Roots

From the official website: “genre busting music aimed at the head, heart and feet” Faithless, led by Rollo Armstrong (brother of songbird of the moment, Dido), has always been an outfit which stood apart from other more generic musical offerings from the mid-to-late 90’s. Like Massive Attack, Underworld, Orbital and Prodigy, Faithless have never considered themselves overly commercial and don’t ... Read More »

Music Review: Jimmy Buffett – License To Chill

If it seems like Jimmy Buffett’s been singing the same songs for well on twenty-five years now, it’s because, well, he has. Buffett has succeeded solely on the power of his immense group of fanatic aficionados, who take the laid-back, devil-may-care lifestyle espoused in his songs to heart. Though these devoted Parrotheads ensure that the singer sells out venues across ... Read More »

Music Review: Phoenix, Alphabetical

Somwhere between the sonorous, clubby beats of eurodiscos and the naked folkery of independent guitar poets you will find a quirky French band called Phoenix. If their new album Alphabetical is any indication, that somewhere is a happy place for people looking for good and unique music. The album is a rather chill melting pot of layered acoustic and electric ... Read More »

Concert Review: Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson

This show was a bit of a departure from my usual fare. Most people who know me, know me as a fan of metal and its related genres, so hearing that I was going to see Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson was a bit of a shock. But the opportunity to see these two men in concert was too good ... Read More »

Presidential Election 2004

The 2004 presidential election is has come and gone. The nation is deeply and starkly divided on the road ahead on any number of issues. We will continue our running compilation of our election-related posts – watch it unfold here and come back often for updates. Government of Business, by Business, for Business – Part II The land sharks are ... Read More »

Cowboy Junkies & Shawn Colvin Concert Review – July 11, 2004

Last night at Wolf Trap Amphitheater, in the Virginia suburbs outside Washington, DC, The Cowboy Junkies and Shawn Colvin split the bill, allowing for equal time for a mellow evening of acoustic folk and smokey, simmering jams. Read More »