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Card Game Review: Jason Tagmire’s ‘Storyteller Cards’


"Storyteller Cards" is a great, versatile, deck for anyone looking for fast and furious inspiration. Read More »

PC Game Review: ‘Democracy 3: Social Engineering DLC’


The new DLC for "Democracy 3" makes the game more complicated if no less irrelevant to the reality of actual politics. Read More »

Playstation 3 Review: ‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2′

Outnumbered (450x253)

It's hard to recommend 'Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2' to anyone except those that really loved the first game. The narrative is difficult enough to get a handle on, but most of the new gameplay additions seem even more contrived. Read More »

PC Opinion: ‘Titanfall’ and the Re-Invention of the Multiplayer FPS Genre


Even players who have basic skills will feel satisfaction as they take out grunts and land the occasional pilot kill. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: ‘NASCAR 14′

NASCAR14_Screenshot10 (450x253)

There are some minor improvements for fans, but unfortunately "NASCAR 14" still doesn't hold a candle to the big names in racing videogames. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘The Lego Movie Videogame’


Here on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, "Lego Movie" should match its cinematic CG counterpart. It doesn't. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: ‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z’

1526988_753552717989171_1302041122_n (450x253)

Some may appreciate the changes in "Battle of Z," but most "Dragon Ball Z" fans will probably expect more from the long-running franchise. Read More »

MMO DNA: Five Types of Gamers you will Encounter Online

Image via Flickr by Cosmic Kitty

You never know, the person you decided was a rage raider may actually be a quest-er on a bad day. Read More »

PC Game Beta Review: ‘Titanfall’


For once the hype is not completely off base for a new AAA title. Read More »

PC Game Review: ‘The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 – Smoke and Mirrors’

1662283_10151912194423597_451404712_n (450x252)

After a very long wait, the biggest payoff in "Smoke and Mirrors" is actually the preview for the next episode. Read More »