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PlayStation 4 Review: ‘Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 3: The Last Place You Look’

Minecraft, Story Mode, Episode 3, The Last Place You Look, video game

'Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 3: The Last Place You Look' is surprisingly more action-oriented than its predecessor, but the series is still best suited for 10- and 12-year-olds. The rest of us will have to see which series Telltale Games will continue next. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series – Episode 6: The Ice Dragon’

Game of Thrones, TellTale Games, Episode 6, The Ice Dragon

It's been four months, but Episode 6: The Ice Dragon does its job, as a finale well, even if no one will be really happy with where it leaves off. TellTale's 'Game of Thrones' series doesn't break any new ground, but fans of the television show and books should definitely give it a look, and hopefully, a second season isn't far off. Read More »

Board Game Review: ‘Dwarven Miner’ from Rather Dashing


Mine resources, craft items, attract dwarves into your party! Read More »

Card Game Review: ‘Terrene Odyssey’


Players line up their parties to do battle in a rich fantasy world. Read More »

Card Game Review: ‘Creative Clash’ from The Infantree Studio


Build up your creative agency to accomplish projects, but watch out for your competitors! Read More »

Board Game Review: ‘Ghostbusters’ from Cryptozoic

ghostbusters board game

Buckle on your proton packs and wrangle some ghosts in this new cooperative game with the same Ghostbuster spirit as the movies. Read More »

Xbox One Review: ‘Fallout 4′

Fallout 4, Xbox One, video game

For better or worse, the highly anticipated Fallout 4 is essentially a lot more of the same. There is plenty more to do this time around, but really it’s the same buggy, bleak, post-apocalyptic journey through the wasteland you either love or hate. Read More »

Card Game Review: ‘Marriage Material’ from Zipwhaa

marriage material

Players compete to be the last one standing – or at least not walking down the aisle! Read More »

PC Game Review: ‘Sword Coast Legends’


Sword Coast Legends fails to live up to its potential, delivering a generic repetitive campaign and creation tools that are easy to use but have no depth. Read More »

Party Game Review: ‘Schmovie’ by Galactic Sneeze

Schmovie by Galactic Sneeze

Schmovie is great game for movie lovers and non-movie lovers alike. Just make sure to have your acceptance speech ready when you dominate your friends. Read More »