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Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Azure Striker Gunvolt’

azure striker gunvolt

This fresh-faced, homely universe dwindles without the establishment of logic, place, or character. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Yoshi’s New Island’


Arzest enters into a design slump often unseen under NIntendo's first party banner. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Mario Golf World Tour’


“It's a me, Mario!” he says, just before he slips on a sandwich board touting additional content. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Steamworld Dig’


'Steamworld Dig' is built for any stray, curious passersby, and deserving of all of them. Image & Form unequivocally earned their player base. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Power Rangers MegaForce’


"Power Rangers MegaForce" signals an ultimate death blow for both Tokusatsu and beat-em-ups. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Sonic Lost World’


Visiting with Sonic has become uncomfortable. There are truths we no longer wish to admit, but need to accept. Sonic was a then creation, not a now. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Mario & Luigi: Dream Team’


Qualms aside, "Mario & Luigi: Dream Team" is still an excellent game, and worth playing if you are a fan of Mario games, Mario RPGs, or just a good adventure. Read More »

The Regular Show / Adventure Time Panel Extravaganza at San Diego Comic-Con


Regular Show and Adventure Time promote upcoming games during their panels. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Project X Zone’


This Capcom/Namco/Sega mashup is fetishistic in its colorful depictions of cartooned mayhem. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages’ & ‘Oracle of Seasons’

Link meeting Nayru and Din, key characters in Oracle of Ages & Seasons

How do these two classic Zelda titles fare as rereleases on the 3DS? Read More »