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Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Zombeavers’


These zombie beavers, reminiscent of the creature feature horror films of the 80s go farther, seek more blood and return again and again because they never get enough. Is there enough blood in their prey to slake their thirst? You will be shocked into laughter finding out. Read More »

Tribeca Film Festival: ‘1971’

Freedom of the press? Would any paper publish stolen documents that revealed illegal government activities? From the documentary 1971.

During the height of the Viet Nam War, 8 individuals broke into an FBI office and took hundreds of files. They created a media firestorm and disrupted the war machinery proving the government was massively spying on its own citizens in violation of the constitution. Who were these brave Americans? '1971' is a revelation and true account of why ordinary citizens did the extraordinary to safeguard a republic they believed in. Read More »

Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Now in the Wings on a World Stage’

Sam Mendes of the Bridge Project, director of Richard III.

Now in the Wings on a World Stage is an amazing documentary about The Bridge Project Theatre's journey bringing Richard III starring Kevin Spacey to cities around the globe. It is a one-of-a-kind journal chronicling the transatlantic cast and crew of British and American actors as they bring a spectacular live theatrical experience to the world stage. Read More »